The Real Me

I used to think I knew alot. 

I knew that if you did something wrong, there was a consequence.  I was a rule follower.  Give me a manual and I would lead my life according to the book.

What I didn’t realize, though, is that everything is not always black and white.  Some things are, but not everything!

God has recently stirred my life in such a way that I now understand what I know is really very little. 

Dreams, careers, families, relationships, goals, happiness……none of that can be successful without first the blessing and the will of God.  He truly orchestrates the world.  He sustains us all — even when we don’t deserve it.

Now, living life through new eyes, I see things differently.  The “real me” sees this world as very temporary, not a place I can dig in and plant stakes, but more of an opportunity to be molded and shaped into the being that will one day see Jesus face to face.

I take joy in the little things:  fresh air, being outdoors, the smile of a grandchild, precious quiet moments, trying something new, cooking, watching my children become adults, a rare date with my husband of 25+ years, time with friends, the opportunity to educate kids at home, and the opportunity to reach out to others.  These all mean so much more to me now than they did years ago.

The “real me” is still being transformed. 

It is yet to be, 

but will someday be made complete through what Jesus Christ did for all of us years ago. 

Until then, I live this life with its’ ups and downs, doing the best I can. 

Thanks for stopping by!

2 responses to “The Real Me

  1. Hey Julie,
    I know it’s been a while, but do you remember me? I’m trying to return to blogging once again (have started various blogs, but haven’t stuck with them like that first one).
    I like your post here. I’ll be back to read more!
    Blessings always! 🙂

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