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Kale Slaw

Watching Food Network makes paying for television worthwhile 😉

Recently I have found Ten Dollar Dinners hosted by Melissa d’Arabian. She apparently enjoys eating kale, something I have never tried until now.  Watching her prepare the beautiful green leaves, add citrus and salt to soften them and then other equally colorful and delicious ingredients made me want to make this slaw.

HERE is her recipe.

At first bite, the kale seemed a bit “earthy”…almost like I could taste the ground it came from!  However, bites #2, #3, and #4 began to convince me that I wanted more.  Blanching the purple onions and adding bacon really drew out additional flavor that most southern girls like me can appreciate!

A little research I did on kale revealed that it is of the cabbage family, an excellent source of beta carotene and vitamins C and E, and also a good source of folate, calcium, iron, and potassium.  It contains bioflavonoids and other substances that protect against cancer.

Drawbacks:  Kale may cause gas in some people.  (I am happy to report our family had NO problems with that! )

The kale was readily available at the local Walmart for only 98 cents per bunch.  Add to that a few other modest ingredients and the whole recipe probably only cost a few dollars.

The kids weren’t too crazy about it, but they did sacrifice themselves and eat three bites in exchange for dessert.  As for Hubby and I, we will be eating this one again!


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