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A Distressing Spirit

Book, Chapter & Verse

1 Samuel 16:14 says “But the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and a distressing spirit from the Lord troubled him.”  v 23 also speaks of this distressing spirit and says, again, that it was “from the Lord”.  Several times in 1 Samuel we see that this spirit was distressing and also “from the Lord”.

It makes me wonder more about depression.  Obviously Saul had issues that led to his falling out of the Lord’s favor.  It’s interesting to me, however, to think about depression coming to someone specifically from the Lord.

How can we understand why the Lord would purposefully make someone depressed?

Depression is a horrible way of living.  I can only say this because I recognize that in recent years, there have been times in my own life where depression was obviously present.

Not wanting to get out of bed, the inability to…

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What If and When?

With all the talk about Harold Camping’s predictions, I wonder how we all spent our day today? We knew before the predicted time that “no man knows the time or the day”, and we know now that it did not happen, but how did we spend our day today?

I have to say this false teaching did cause me to wonder…”What if the Lord really did come back today?” “Am I truly ready?” “Does the Lord seriously, without a doubt, consider me one of His own?”

False teaching aside, days like this do cause the soul to stir. One day when we least expect it, we will all “meet our Maker”.

Ready or not, He will come…


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