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Homeschoolers R Us

We have spent most of the school year studying insects in Science. Oh how little boys love looking for the grossest, most disgusting six-legged creature they can find!  Being spring now especially affords the opportunity to see newly hatched species and add them to our ever growing bug collection.

To top off the unit, we recently took some time to visit the butterfly house at Texas Discovery Gardens.

It was a given that any small child would love to walk about with what seemed like a hundred butterflies of every species floating above. However it was equally interesting to my boys, the oldest children present, since we had spent so much time studying insects.


The presentation was made and I am so proud to report that most of the tough questions were answered by my boys!  I thought to myself, “Wow!  They WERE listening when we read about insect types, defenses, metamorphosis, habitats and behavior!”


It was an opportunity to also take the granddaughter along!  She loved the pretty butterflies…

…but they weren’t as pretty as these two  🙂




A white butterfly decided to land on the grandbaby’s white flower hair bow!  No nectar there, but there is aLOT of sweetness 🙂

This is why I homeschool. We are able to take the book knowledge and apply it out in the real world.  We have captured bugs in jars and on display on boards on my kitchen counter.  We’ve hatched at least 7 different butterflies and moths. We’ve observed ants in a plastic bag over weeks and weeks, feeding them, naming their ranks and positions within the colony, and discovering things that weren’t necessarily written in the science textbook.

In this “brick and mortar” world, we have instead seen and taken advantage of many real world examples that make the head knowledge become heart knowledge.

Our boys love homeschooling. It is hard work but so worth it!

(…and of course with every good blog post, there must be a picture of my grandson too!

Isn’t he just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!!! 🙂


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