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Trivia Tuesday

One of the craziest inventions of all time was patented in 1903. To protect the eyes of a certain animal from being damaged during feeding, eyeglasses were created for what animals?


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Trivia Tuesday

On “Laverne & Shirley”,

what was Laverne’s favorite drink?


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Trivia Tuesday

Today’s Question:

“What was the name of the Ingall’s two dogs on “Little House on the Prairie”?



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Trivia Tuesday

Welcome to Trivia Tuesday here at “The Donkey Kong Monkey Blog”. 

(By the way, if you haven’t noticed, my blog name has changed, and is changing weekly.  The boys are naming it for me each week.  Last week was “The Super Big Blog”.  This week — “The Donkey Kong Monkey Blog”!  (Can you guess what he was doing when I asked him what he wanted to name it?! lol)  I know you are really in suspense about the next week’s name, huh?  Tune in Mondays to get a piece of my children’s creative juices 🙂

Anyway…Tuesdays are now Trivia days.  I will post a question, and you answer it with a comment. 

The first one to comment with the correct answer wins something from my “surprise” box!   It is chocked full of really inexpensive plastic toys, pencils, baseball cards, and candy from past holidays, so get excited about those possibilities 😉 

Today’s question:

The main street in Back to the Future is also the main street in what other 80’s movie?


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