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Thankful Thursday

Wow!  I really have alot to be thankful for this week…

  1. God, who loves me beyond measure.
  2. Tears spilt for a soul, a reminder that His cause is still deep in my heart.
  3. The look on the boys faces when Daddy came home for lunch yesterday.  (He is working mostly in our town now, instead of driving the 140 mile round trip each day)
  4. Rain.
  5. A sweet, loving dog who so appreciates being let inside during cold and wet weather.
  6. A great first overnight sleepover for my son.
  7. Seeing my son and his friend do their bible study together.
  8. Whatever Wednesday — it made me laugh, really hard, for the first time in a while!
  9. The ladies of our church family who minister and seek God together.
  10. Donna – for the time and effort she has made for the Father/Daughter Banquet.  What a great testimony for Cornerstone to encourage building that relationship.
  11. My Daddy and the time I had with him…sure wish he was here to take me to the banquet {{sniff, sniff}}.
  12. The opportunity to take pictures for all the little girls and Dads as they enjoy their unforgettable evening.
  13. My daughter’s comments on the Life’s Work post.  
  14. God’s financial provision.
  15. The opportunity for the boys to play at the park this week with other homeschoolers.
  16. Seeing the dad of those homeschoolers take his four children to the park alone.  You could tell he truly enjoyed the time with them.
  17. This blog — there’s been over 25,000 hits now.  Wow! — Truly amazing that there are that many people who want to know what I have to say, lol!
  18. Anoop is still on AI — for Noah.
  19. Pam has begun to blog again.
  20. Kenya got home before midnight last night 🙂 


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Speaking of “Bah-Humbug”…

Wow.  We really have a lot of obstacles to face right now.  A recent turn of events has brought our Christmas cheer crashing down to a very low level.  We’re trusting God to see us through, but would sure love some prayer support.  Thanks, in advance, for lifting us up to the One who can “fix” it all. 


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Loving Miss Tommie.

Miss Tommie, with her loving smile and joyous heart, left the earth tonight to see our Savior face to face. 

What a celebration it must be right now in heaven!  I just picture her singing right along with the angels as they celebrate her arrival.  Though I know there are no tears in heaven, I imagine a glimmer of moisture in her eyes as she reunites with her husband.

Such a joy, and a pleasure Miss Tommie was!  Always smiling, always full of encouragement and wisdom, hospitable, and delightful in every sense of the word.

It has been my honor to help Miss Tommie twice a month over the last few months.  Knowing that she was ill, I expected to arrive at her house on those Tuesday mornings and see her fading away.  Little did I know that she would catch us all by surprise!  Her hospital bed was always properly made and uninhabited when I was there.  She always looked beautiful, fully dressed, and properly greeting company that arrived. 

Even though I was there because they said she needed help with the cleaning of her house, I couldn’t help but smile at the thought.  Her house was always clean.  Even on the cleanest day at my house, it was still dirty compared to hers!

Still….I did what I could to help her keep it that way.

But, mostly, I enjoyed our visits.  The times she would so proudly boast of her children and grandchildren.  The book that her daughter had made for her birthday containing precious family photos.  The stories of her grandchildren, and how wonderful they were.  The concern and prayers she shared with me over different church members and the struggles they were going through.  — All the while, never complaining about her own struggle.

She took time to visit with my five year old.  Listening to all of his stories about bugs, frogs, mice, and other gross “boy stuff” –never minding his endless questions and continual chatter! 

She would listen to my son recite the bible books he had memorized, and then take over to finish the list when he could remember no more! He quickly learned to love Miss Tommie and could not wait for the next visit.

Little did we know that last Tuesday’s talk with Miss Tommie would be our last. 

Sharing her death with him is a new, unwelcomed experience — one that resulted in big tears falling from his beautiful eyes.  

We were so blessed by Miss Tommie.  I know many others were as well.

The last conversation I had with Miss Tommie’s daughter told of her having a stroke and not being in her “right mind”.  Her daughter said that Miss Tommie was just repeating the same words over and over –words that did not reflect purposeful thoughts for a normal, healthy individual.  However, it was most fitting for the lady that brought so much sunshine and joy to us all that the words were, “It’s a lovely day….just a lovely day, isn’t it?  It’s just a lovely day!”

I praise God for the time we had with Miss Tommie.  She was such an inspiration to us all, and a godly example. 

One day, while dusting her guest bedroom, I noticed a poem hanging on the wall.  As I read it, I realized it so adequately described what must have been her personal life philosophy:

There’s Sunshine in a Smile

Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain

Laughter and pleasure, teardrops and rain

All days can’t be bright but it’s certainly true

There was never a cloud the sun didn’t shine through

So just keep on smiling whatever betide you

Secure in the knowledge God is always beside you

And you’ll find when you smile your day will be brighter

And all of your burdens will seem so much lighter

For each time you smile you will find that it’s true

Somebody, somewhere will smile back at you

And nothing on earth can make life more worthwhile

Than the sunshine and warmth of a beautiful smile.

–Helen Steiner Rice

As we go about our day tomorrow, I pray that we will all take an extra moment or two to smile at someone  — because we should…but also in memory of Miss Tommie.


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Off To College Without The Cat.

A picture is worth a thousand words….so here’s several of them! 

We love and miss you Pam!

[rockyou id=79872536]


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Still God.

For some unknown reason, I am in a state of mind that is just ….?….(I am even unable to put words to adequately describe it).

There is so much spinning around me that I am unable to grasp ahold of anything fully and devote myself to it. 

I feel like either satan is attacking, and/or God is speaking, and am unsure of how to answer. 

“Is it me, Lord?  Is it me that is entertaining selfish desires or doubts?  Am I wrong to feel so disconnected with what is going on in one direction, yet such a connection with another?” 

“Or…Is it You, Lord?  Are You telling me that I need to take notice?” 

Earthly speaking….nothing is making sense.  Half of me is wondering if I am just “PMS-ng”  (sorry guys!).  Still….I just can’t shake it and sit here wondering what the answer is.

I am glad that God is….Still God.  I know that He is in control, and will reveal the answer.  It’s just so miserable in the “inbetween”.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death”

Proverbs 14:12

“Lord, keep me on Your path”


“Wisdom is found on the lips of him who has understanding”

Proverbs 10:13

“Lord, give me understanding”


“Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, But a good word makes it glad.”

Proverbs 12:25

“Lord, give me a good word”


“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who wins souls is wise.” 

Proverbs 11:30

“Lord, make me wise”



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Not Watching American Idol.

Our family is going to be participating in what many in America consider to be a horrible thing  –The National TV Turn Off Week. 

The bigscreen will finally be put in the repair shop (blue tube is going out).  The, yes — count them….4 (!) other televisions will be unplugged and laid to rest for the whole week… will be just HORRIBLE!!!  🙂   

We are doing this to be a part of the family emphasis that someone (?) started some time ago.  I don’t really know the history of it all, but National TV Turnoff Week has been going on for many years now.   

Why would I put our family through such an “awful” thing?….because I do agree that television watching takes the place of a lot of family time and other things that should be priority.  Families in America are so dictated by their schedules that we miss out on the regular sharing of our lives together.  I read stories about how the family used to sit down and read their bible together, have regular devotions, share time, and pray together.  Honestly, we have always struggled with this in our family.  Try as we might, it seems like we continually have a conflict that prevents us from making family devotions a regular part of our week.  However, this week, we are going to unplug the tube, and do what we can to make our time together count. 

I have already begun reading “Where the Red Fern Grows” to the boys tonight.  This timeless story still brings tears to my eyes, and I think they will love to hear it.  (and …we have promised to rent the movie to show them at the end of the book reading…  ha ha — next week, of course!!) 

Another priority I will focus on this week will be to read more of my bible.  As part of a wonderful 17 member e:mail accountability group, I issued a challenge for us all to find extra ways to utilize this week to do some catch up reading.  After brainstorming, the list of examples for catch up activities became: 

  1.  Make it priority over everything else.
  2. Set a goal, and stick with it.
  3. Rise an hour early everyday this week just to have coffee with the Lord.
  4. If you are busy with projects around the house, read five chapters, then complete a task, then read five more chapters, and complete another task.  Keep this up until you’ve read a whole book in one day.
  5. Commit to read half of a book at one sitting.
  6. Ask a friend to babysit for you one day this week, so that you can focus on reading.  (By the way…I’m available for anyone who needs it!)
  7. Volunteer to babysit for a friend who needs some alone time with God.
  8. Keep sticky notes handy to mark scriptures you want to research further, that way you can read through it quicker, coming back to dive deeper later.
  9. Sit down with your bible, a commentary, and a dictionary all at once so that you can look up unfamiliar scripture quickly.
  10. Put a visible marker on the page where you should be according to the calendar Cynthia gave us.  This will give you motivation and a goal.
  11. Stay up an hour later each day this week just to read.
  12. Take a vacation or personal day from work this week to read all day.  We take vacations for everything and everybody else…why not for the Lord?
  13. Take your bible to work everyday, along with a sack lunch.  Commit to using your entire lunch time everyday to read.
  14. Use audio tapes or CD’s of the bible to listen to on the way to work or as you run errands.
  15. Make a rule:  No TV unless you’ve read at least 20 chapters (or more)!
  16. Plan simplicity in your daily schedule for a week, so that you can use the time reading. 
  17. Cook using the crock pot, instead of spending two hours over the stove so you can read.
  18. Use paper plates and plastic cups to cut down on dish washing time so you can read.
  19. Hire someone to mow the lawn this week so that you can read. (By the way, there is probably some youth at church who could use the money for summer camp!)
  20. Use accountability as an advantage….commit to post your progress daily.  Nothing gets me going more than having to admit what I haven’t done!?
  21. Ask a friend to call you everyday this week to specifically ask how much you’ve read! (ouch!)
  22. Get in your car, drive to the park, and read.
  23. Let your house go…..don’t clean anything for a day!  It will end up looking like mine (?!), but at least you will have been able to read quite a bit J
  24. Drug the kids so that they will leave you alone to read.  (JUST KIDDING…..really!…..DON’T DO IT!!)
  25. Ask your husband/wife to take the kids for a fun day so that you can read at home.
  26. Get away to the library to read.
  27. Commit to read during every meal this week.  It’s a time that you usually at least sit down, and most of us can eat and read at the same time!
  28. I would love to know how many of us use the bathroom as a reading room?  Well…just substitute your bible for “Uncle John’s Big Bathroom Reader”!
  29. Ask God to help you, and then diligently commit to a reading plan.
  30. Read outdoors!  There’s something inspiring and motivating about the fresh air!
  31. Read out loud!  Involve your children and spouse…teach good habits, infect them with God’s words!
  32. Go to church an hour early, find a quiet, unused room, and read.
  33. Take your kids to McDonald’s or to the playground/park and read.
  34. Make reading your bible the first thing you do everyday…even if it makes you late for something else.  Most likely, the first day you are late for work or an appointment, you will realize that getting up earlier is what needs to happen, and change your habits from then on.  Yet…you will have honored God still by putting Him in His rightful place….FIRST!
  35. Motivate yourself with a reward if you read a certain amount this week.  …Tickets to the Ranger game, a new dress, new nails, a new fishing pole, dinner out, etc.  speaks loud and clear when we want it bad enough!!
  36. Put pictures of your reward around the house to remind you of the week end’s prize!
  37. Put notes that say, “Have you read your bible today?” all around the house.  There’s nothing better than a constant, nagging reminder to be obedient!
  38. Keep your car keys inside your bible.  Commit to read five chapters before you leave to go anywhere.
  39. Keep the remote control inside your bible!
  40. In the spirit of the “baby project” at high schools across the country…..carry your bible everywhere you go, to every room in the house, to every store, in the car, etc. until you have reached your goal this week.  When it “cries” out to you, stop to read. 
  41. Recognize that it’s all about Commitment, Willpower, and Priorities!
  42. Ask members of your Sunday School class to pray for you, and check in on you through out the week.
  43. Sticker charts are acceptable for adults, too!  Get your creative cap on, make you a chart that shows your progress, and award yourself a sticker after you read each chapter, sets of 10 chapters, book, etc.  Then….go get yourself an ice cream when you fill up the chart!! J  (Sorry….I’m a mother of a preschooler!!)
  44. Consider what you normally do with your free time.  Make a list of the time you have between sunrise and sunset that is not taken by your employment schedule.  Then…do away with those distractions this week, and “plug” in the word “Bible” during those hours.  You will probably be surprised how much time you COULD be reading!
  45. Try to sit down and make a list of acceptable reasons why you should NOT read your bible….see if you can get to #1……and then…go read!
  46. Pray before you read everyday.  Ask God to open your eyes and mind to His Word.
  47. Make it fun!….enter into a contest with a friend to read a certain amount of chapters….the first one to complete it buys lunch!
  48. Memorize this passage:  “How can a young man cleanse his way?  By taking heed according to Your word.  With my whole heart I have sought You; Oh, let me not wander from Your commandments!  Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You.”  Psalms 119:9-11, and then recite it out loud ten times, each time you try to talk yourself out of reading that day.
  49. Take your VCR apart, piece by piece, and then try to reassemble it.  (Most likely you won’t be able to, without an instructional manual as a guide.)  Then realize that life is much like a VCR….we need the bible to instruct us daily.
  50. After you are caught up in your reading plan, go buy another VCR!!

I thought I would just share this with you, wondering if there was anyone in “Blogdom” that might like to join us this week by reading your bible, too! 

Turn your tv’s off, find a good chair, and soak in the warmth of God’s Words.  I guarantee you that it will be better than Simon Cowell! 


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Holding Brett.


               party hat, balloon, and conffetti

August 24th, 2007

This is the date that I am looking forward to in this 2007 year.  Lord willing, we will be celebrating that day, as my son (the three year old) goes one year without a seizure!  We are seven months into the countdown, and for the first time in over two years, I am believing that we actually have a chance of overcoming all of his medical obstacles.

It all began in November of 2004.  I was working late, and my husband was home with the kids.  The baby, having just turned a year old a few weeks before, was playing in his playpen.  My husband left the room for a minute, and returned to find him lying in the playpen experiencing a full seizure.  

Having received the phone call, I raced home to arrive about the same time as the ambulance.  I walked in the house to see him turning blue.  It was awful.  I will never forget my husband’s words to me as he said, “I thought we lost him”.  He did come out of it though, and we got him to the hospital, eventually learning  the terminology, “febrile seizure”.

Prior to this time, I had heard of other kids having seizures with fever, but had never heard what it was called, or had any personal dealings with it.  A febrile seizure is caused when there is a sudden rise or fall in body temperature.  It’s kind of like putting the brain in “overload”.  There’s something about his body that doesn’t gradually increase his temperature when he gets sick.  Anytime he runs a fever, whether it be 99 degrees or 102+ degrees, it jumps so fast that it causes a seizure.  Usually, he doesn’t even give us any warning.  He just goes from playing with no symptoms, to falling out into convulsions. 

15 seizures, multiple hospital stays, specialists visits, tests, pneumonia, and illnesses later, the decision was made to remove his adenoids in October of 2006.  The problem became not so much the seizures, but what was triggering them, which was the fever.  The fever was caused because he continually was getting sick.  So…the logical answer was to find out what was preventing him from staying well, take care of that, and then eliminate the root of the illness.

After his adenoid surgery, we have noticed a dramatic improvement in his health.  For the first time in his life, he has been able to have a common cold, as all young children do, and fight it within his own body’s defense system.  Prior to the surgery, a common cold would have thrown him into deep, fast infection of some sort, fever and a seizure within three days.  So, as you can see, we are very excited to report on his improvement!

There are still obstacles we are facing.  He is unable to be around other sick children, play at indoor public play facilities, stay in the church nursery, etc. without getting sick.  We are still having to be a little overprotective by sheltering him from normal childhood illnesses.  While his immunology tests have turned out okay, it still seems like his resistance to germs is low, so we have to be constantly mindful of that. 

We have also yet to see him run a fever without a seizure….that would be a real victory indeed!

However, seven months after his last seizure, we are gratefully reporting improvement.  I know that God is holding Brett in His loving arms…healing  his little body day by day.  He is such a joy to our family, and will be a wonderful testimony for the Lord as he gets older. 

So…we are trusting him to our Father…the One who created Brett, and knows best in all things.  Thank you, Lord God, for your loving arms to hold my son, heal his body, and see us through this trying time.  Thank you for the tears welling up in my eyes as I write this today.  Tears that I know are only there because you have blessed me with a son like Brett.  I am humbled and broken that You would allow me this pleasure when so many other parents lose their children to sickness and death.  I gratefully accept your gift, and ask Your guidance and direction as we raise Brett to honor You wholly.   Thank you for seeing to it that febrile seizures are not neurologically damaging, and that he is expected to grow out of them one day.  Thank you for seeing us through mounds of doctor bills.  Thank you for guiding our decision to refuse phenabarbital.  Thank you for allowing me to be a stay at home mom, especially when Brett needed me so much.  Thank you for the knowledge you provided to the doctors we have seen.  Thank you for the strength our family has gained by going through this.  Thank you for a wonderful church family and friends who have loved and cared for us.  Thank you, Lord, for even the unseen blessings of this trial you have allowed in our life.  I praise you today, and forever.  Amen.

  ….August 24th, 2007.  A Friday night.  Get your party hats ready!!


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