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In a pirate’s world

I feel I may drown in a sea full of Legos

where Pirates and see eels abound.

I find myself strapped on the wings of a Nerf bullet

flying here and there all around.

Bodily gases arise in discussion

in always a humorous way!

Little boys laugh at the brink of disaster,

when things falter or tumble or sway.

Bits of puff cereal stuck on my sock,

You never know what you may find.

Walking through my house on any given day

Step carefully before you unwind!

My laundry basket is now on the couch

poised for a basketball dunk.

The dish soap is missing, there’s chips in the chair

and who knows what other junk!

My two little boys are amazing weird creatures

On my toes they keep me each day.

In a pirate’s world there are many adventures

Keep me off the plank Lord I pray!



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Ode to de Nose.

 (Trying my hand at poetry today:)


Oh, that my nose would clear,

For right outside is the nice Fall air.

Oh, that I would not sneeze and sneeze,

During the only time in Texas when there is a breeze.

 Why doest my eyes seem to resemble so,

The infamous red on Rudolph’s nose?

From the scratching, and itching, and burning and pain

I am in want — in WANT!  In want of breath again.

I shall sleep! I shall sleep! That should be the cure!

If only my children that schedule would endure.

For it’s during the sleep that my nose doesn’t know

How to twitch, how to throb, how to bother me so.

What do you think? 

Yeah, I know.


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