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Confession is good for the soul

Today I read Proverbs 28.  It said in verse 13, “He who covers his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.”  The Lord began pointing out the need for confession so I decided to make it a day of confession. ..even wrote down all some of my shortcomings as the day progressed.

As a nice hot shower cleanses the body, so does a time of confession does for the soul.  It’s nice to look clean, AND smell clean!  I only smell that way, however, because I am bathed with the breath of Jesus.  His love and sacrifice became the mercy I needed for such a day as this. 

Because I try to be transparent, I don’t mind sharing my list with you.  This is me…the good and bad, loved and full of mercy, before God our Creator, as I am.  For those of you who might think I am always “rosey”, well…..let’s just say the Lord isn’t finished with me yet! 

Lord, help me to spend more time loving and caring for my husband!  I have been selfish, have given into depression at times, and allow worry and anxieties to fill my day.  I have been financially irresponsible lately, allowing the accumulation of some credit card debt for things we really didn’t need.  I enjoy eating a little too much!  Gluttony is sinful, and I should take better care of my “temple”. 

With worries and doubts and anxieties come lack of self control at times when I should be more focused.  Lack of motivation to be productive, keeping walking “forward”, and manage my household duties has been a problem at times. 

I have not stayed “in Him”.  I need more of His Word daily. 

My children suffer when I am down and depressed.  I sometimes only give them 1/2 of me…..1/2 of my attention, 1/2 of my best teaching during school, 1/2 of the love they need and deserve.

Sometimes I just. do. not. care.  I give in to bad times, bad days, and just don’t try. 

Drudgery of the “same old, same old” enters my mind as I rise in the morning, and again when I finally go to bed at night.

This week, I brought our dog indoors against my husband’s wishes!  I cook too much chicken and fish when the Hubby wants beef!  (Poor guy…..he just wants a steak, lol)

Lord help me to not give into despair.  Help me to give the anguish and hurt of the lack of some family relationships to You.

I need to better guard the eyes of my children.  Prime time television does not innocence make!  What enters our home through feet or through wires should meet godly standards.  Our children know when we make godly choices and when we don’t.  There used to be a day not so long ago, that I stood firmly against watching “Nemo” because one of the main character voices was from an openly homosexual lifestyle.  Lately, I have caught myself inwardly justifying watching a prime television show that is promoting the same thing.  What a hypocrite I am at times?!

I still struggle with letting “busy-ness” take over priorities.

Although I try to live in honesty and as much righteousness as possible, I need forgiveness for thinking I don’t have much to confess….even unintentional sin is sin.

I forgot to pray before lunch today.

…and the list will most likely go on and on.

Yes, I am low sometimes….a dirty, rotten, scoundrel as might be described in our western world.  I try to be good, but the “good that I would do, that I do not”! 

What is important, though, is that I am ABLE to confess, and I know the Lord HEARS and ANSWERS!  The next step is to “forsake” the sins I have confessed.  It is a struggle… to day, hour by hour, minute by minute….because of my weak flesh. 

Thankfully the Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, and rich in love!  I am wretched, but He is WORTHY of all praise. 

I write this to you with love, and while experiencing the forgiveness of God.  It feels good!  Now I look forward to starting tomorrow clean and fresh!   When is the last time you took time to confess and forsake?  God is waiting …..

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Praise the Lord Anyhow.

I have a coffee cup with a Precious Moments picture of a girl sitting at a desk.  There are mounds of paper and bills all around her, and it is obvious that she’s in “over her head”. 

The caption on the cup says, “Praise the Lord Anyhow”, though — a reminder to acknowledge God’s hand in all her troubles.  –Sort of a “pre-Praise” for the good that is going to come out of it all.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8:28

It is a strange, yet comforting moment when we can give credit to our Creator for work done in the midst of trial.  As we, by all worldly standards, seem defeated and without hope, God is still there orchestrating every move….every part of our bodies, every piece of the weary puzzle.   

As my family is facing hurdles right now, I just want to stop and thank God for His continual love.  Two days of crying out to Him for understanding and wisdom left me in a place of this “illogical praise” yesterday.  It’s illogical, because the worldly side of me would have never seen good in any part of our trial.  It doesn’t make sense, humanly speaking, to see good in so much bad. 

However, God has comforted me and placed me in a position to see above defeat, to truly experience His all-powerful presence.

So….I’m declaring the Victor of all our recent trials!  God will be with us as we continue to sort it all out over the next several weeks.  Whatever happens, and even in times where it seems like it’s the “end of the world”, God is still in control…

…and I’m going to PRAISE HIM ANYHOW!

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Ode to de Nose.

 (Trying my hand at poetry today:)


Oh, that my nose would clear,

For right outside is the nice Fall air.

Oh, that I would not sneeze and sneeze,

During the only time in Texas when there is a breeze.

 Why doest my eyes seem to resemble so,

The infamous red on Rudolph’s nose?

From the scratching, and itching, and burning and pain

I am in want — in WANT!  In want of breath again.

I shall sleep! I shall sleep! That should be the cure!

If only my children that schedule would endure.

For it’s during the sleep that my nose doesn’t know

How to twitch, how to throb, how to bother me so.

What do you think? 

Yeah, I know.


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Who They Think They’d Like To Meet.

Name:  Julie
Age:  Wouldn’t you like to know?!
Status:  Married for 21 years
Education:  Still Learning
Who I’d Like to Meet I have already met:  God

In this techno-savvy age of computers, everyone has a “space”.  Both young and old seem to indulge in this form of communication, and at the height of the information board, the person’s “profile” that lists several things about them.

Name, age, location, education, favorite likes, dislikes, books, and other questions are boldly proclaimed across the world wide web.  There’s been much discussion about the safety concerns, or lack thereof in many cases, of sharing so much with the unknown.  Now, with private “friend” invitations, access can only be allowed to those we  “know”…so the communication waves continue, sharing photos, stories, lists, comments and so on.

In many cases, these web pages are much like blogging, minus the uncontrolled advertising.  However, I have to give a big sarcastic chuckle when I read a profile that says, “Who I’d Like to Meet:  God“, and yet their home page reeks of sinful indulgences.

Blaring rock music, lust-filled web design images, uncontrolled and innapropriate advertising banners, others listed as “friends” who boldly proclaim profanity, rebellion, and share stories of their latest sinful pleasures.

–And yet, they want to “meet God“?

I dare say they have not even begun to realize that the fulfillment of their wish might not be such a joyous occasion!

Why would God want to “hang” with pictures of drunken college kids who do little but lead others far from righteousness?  Why would God want to hear noise termed as “music” because that is what’s popular?  What would God say about the language that is being openly used and accepted as “cool”? Why is it that we’ve fooled ourselves into believing that it’s okay to overlook the obvious, all for the sake of fitting in? 

How would God react to these “adults”, who know better, and many of whom have professed a personal relationship with Him, when they are so weak in spirit and cannot resist the least temptation to participate with such evil?

They don’t want to meet God.  The one true God, that is. 

They meet their gods everyday, and enjoy the temporary pleasures of sin.  Their gods encourage them to stay away from what is right and good, and rejoice when another “little” step is taken further in the wrong direction.

Pretty soon, they are convinced that no harm can come from participating in unholy acts.  —Then…it becomes easier and easier and easier to ignore the wrong.  Eventually, the line is crossed, and there’s consequences too great to pay.

They don’t want to meet God. 


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A Big “Woo-Hoo”!

Let’s all give our God a big “Woo-Hoo” for His awesome work in Liam’s life this week.  I just found out that he has gained five pounds in less than a week and is improving daily!

 Thank you all for your prayers and support for Liam’s family. 

God is good and gracious to hear our requests.  —- Wooooooo Hooooo!!!

 ***Updated:  Be sure to check the comments on this post and read what Liam’s Mom has to say!  (We love you Gretchen!)***


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3 Cups of Vile Coffee and a Big Slice of Humble Pie.


Coffee and dessert anyone?   I’m  having mine….

“Overcoming My Attitude” is the discussion round the kitchen table today, where I have finished reading the book of Job.

First of all my attitude about making coffee:

It dawned on me lately that I get up every morning, make six cups of coffee, and only drink three.  (Actually I only drink ONE cup, but I guess my cup is bigger than the standards the coffee maker considered when labeling the pot.) 

What really stuck out to me is that the other “three” (aka “one”) cups of coffee are wasted.  I end up throwing out the leftovers and do it all again the next day!

With the price of coffee being so high, and wanting to be a good steward of God’s money, I make a new commitment to learn how to make only “three” cups of coffee at a time 😉

The second part of my attitude that needs some care:

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Job Hunting.

I’ve made it to Job, chapter 18.  God is talking to me right now  –talking about distress and despair…learning to deal with the “bad” while still clinging to hope.  When I wrote “Battling for Brett”, I was so upset.  I now feel a little vulnerable having spoken my heart all over the internet, but sleeping since then, it seems almost like just a bad dream.  Brett is playing, talking, and running like usual, and except for what may be a small sinus infection, you would never know that he had been ill.

Can you believe it?…All that chaos over a SINUS INFECTION?!  I continue to be amazed at these seizure episodes.  Febrile seizures are usually characterized as happening at the onset of an illness.  His body just cannot regulate the rise of temperature properly.  Instead of getting a fever that gradually increases, his body just goes from “no fever” to over 102 degrees in an instant, thus triggering a seizure.  So far, there has only been one instance in his whole life (at age 3 months) that he has run fever and NOT had a seizure.  I’m thinking…”How can the common cold, something every child experiences, can cause such problems for Brett?”  He cannot be the “normal” runny nose child.  Because of the seizures, we constantly have to watch over him and just know that any sign — ANY sign of  a cold could be the only warning sign we have before he seizes.

Looking back to Tuesday, we remember him sneezing 3 times during the day…just three.  I also remember looking at his nose and seeing one clear drop attempting to run out of one nostril…just one.  That was it!  No other signs of illness at all.  He played fast and hard all day and night, ate well, slept well the night before — no other signs.  Then it happened.

Since we’ve now seen 17 of these, one would think that we would finally recognize sure-tell signs that seizure potential was there.  I mean, it has been a real “duh” moment for me.  I “shoulda’, woulda’, coulda'” maybe prevented it.  Shoulda’ paid more attention to the four signs we did have, so that I woulda’ started giving him Motrin or Tylenol or something that might have helped, that way maybe….just maybe…I coulda’ prevented this whole episode.

Questions like these just keep ringing in my ears.  I think, having only had one very small seizure since his adenoid surgery, I have allowed myself to begin thinking that he is just a “normal kid”.  But….he’s not.  I cannot ignore a cough, a sneeze, a runny nose, a glassy look in his eyes, a reduction in his energy level, a moment where he might lose his balance, an awkward moment in his motor functions — they could all be the only sign of impending seizure.

So…..I go back to my “Over Protectant Mother Mode” –One that I’m sure many have felt was unnecessary.  To me, however, it’s the only way I know to protect my child.

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Battling for Brett.

Tears on my face, anger building up in my soul, I sit here tonight….just 3 hours after Brett’s 17th seizure. 

No warning really, just dropping on the ground in a very violent seizure lasting three and half minutes.  His face turned blue.  We could do Nothing.

Why Lord?  Why does my son have to suffer through this?  He’s just a little boy. 

We’re especially concerned about this one because he didn’t wake up very well from the sleep that follows the seizure.  His speech was slurred more than usual this time, and his motor functions weren’t right.  He would reach out to grab something and just let his hand fall short of the object, or jerk his whole arm in an attempt to begin the action of reaching. 

Right now, he’s sleeping and his fever is finally coming down.  (Thank you, Lord.)

As I try to make some sense of this again, questions come in my mind.

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Not Spam.


Since my last post was about WordPress and the wonderful stats page showing search engine terms, etc., I thought it would also be fun to show you a little about the “Spam Catcher” aka Askismet.

WordPress has the capability to capture spammed comments sent to your blog.  It stores them and allows you to review and delete them before they are used to inundate posts with unnecessary comments.

What is funny about most of them to me is that   THEY MAKE NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!!!

When  you read most of them, it seems to be groups of words thrown together that make no sense at all.

 For instance, here is one I received today: 

“Hay!!! best link for you to good night a resource is a class !!! if yet admin replied to letter which I wrote him much scorched tem here spam all right I went away to meeting”

Ha, Ha! and….Ha!    See what I mean?  It is hilarious to read them 🙂  I don’t think if I was the “admin” that I would reply to his letter either!! lol

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All around us!

Only have a few minutes today, but wanted to point out some updates on the Prayer Request tab at the top of the page.  Please join us in prayer for those listed.  God is SO GOOD, and is working mightily here in our little east Texas town!  I am absolutely exhausted today, but a good exhaustion, because we have been so busy with the Lord!  

My soul is stirring, I can see God working all around me, and it is just wonderful!

I will have to fill you in with the details later, but know that God is working His plan here.  Lives are being changed.  Direction is being made clear to His servants.  There IS a plan of His being turned into action!  Praise the Lord!

“Blessed be the Lord,Who daily loads us with benefits, The God of our salvation!  Our God is the God of salvation; And to God the Lord belong escapes from death.”

Psalms 68:19-20


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