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Swallows Swallowed

I love how God uses real life lessons to support our homeschooling endeavors!  Countless times, He brings people or situations into our lives just during or after we have studied them.  What an opportunity to take our head knowledge and put it to practical use!

One such opportunity recently fell (literally) onto our own front porch …

Walking out the door one day, I looked down and noticed a baby bird had fallen out of the nest on our front porch.  We have been watching these birds since before their eggs were hatched. 

Day after day, the parents carefully built the nest, laid the eggs, and then patiently sat waiting for their big arrivals.

The nest was well located, approximately 12(‘sh) feet above our front door securely attached to the brick wall.  Even with our highest ladder, we could not reach the nest, and felt therefore that no other predator could either.

On this day, however, we found the newly born bird laying on the porch and covered in ants.  It was a sad day.  We have spent the last several months studying birds, their behavior and reproduction and now with the opportunity to see it all up close, this poor little baby lay as a feast to the relentless jaws of Texas ants.

Cleaning and spraying for ants (again), we remained hopeful that the rest of the birds would stay put in their snug abode.

The next day, however, we noticed yet another baby bird fledged too early and was sitting on the porch. 

Then, yet again, a third bird found its way there too.

Quickly, we rescued them from the ants, placing inside a small dog carrier, and determined to do what we could to save their lives.

For the next couple of days we noticed their frailty.  We contacted both the local Audobon Center and a Wildlife Rescue facility for information.  We fed them with a dropper and kept them indoors at night, but outdoors in full view by their parents during the day.

The third day, we noticed a marked improvement in their health and rejoiced over how much attention their parents were giving inside the opened crate.

Remaining in the nest were two more babies, so the parents flew back and forth between the crate, now on a chair on the porch, and the nest high above the door.

As the boys and I continued to monitor the babies in both places, I opened the door, noted the babies in the crate, then peered up only to be shocked and surprised and definately very, very frightened!  This was the sight I saw…

Let me just point out here that I. DON’T. DO. SNAKES!  If a snake wants this house, it is more than welcome to HAVE IT!  I will gladly take my purse, laptop, kids, and keys and leave the perimeter for as long as a snake wants to inhabit the premises!  So, as you can imagine, I was pretty much FREAKED out at this point!  

My boys, on the other hand, thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

We called the city who transferred the call to the county, who promptly responded by sending a police man to save the day.  Praise the Lord for policemen and women who protect our country from drugs, murderers, evil-doers, and SNAKES!

He knocked down the nest, snake and all, and promptly cut it into several pieces.

We could see the bulge of each of the two remaining baby birds inside the snake’s stomach.  Poor babies 😦

(…and of course, my boys had to squeeze the birds out of the snake…yuck!)

By the way……I noticed how disgusting the smell of the snake was within just a few minutes of dying.  Gurrose!

Once things calmed down and the snake was gone, we began to turn our attention once again to the two birds in the crate.  Those poor parents who had so faithfully cared for their children were sitting on the roof tops mourning the deaths of now three of five birds. 

Even more so, the boys and I remained determined to save these birds.

It’s been several days since the snake incident.  We were rewarded with seeing one of the baby birds fly from its nest crate.  The second bird has a problem with one of its wings so we continue to closely watch over it.  Three or four times it has made it to the top of the crate and jumped off, however that wing just won’t work correctly.  We are thinking it might have possibly been hurt in the fall from the nest.

Until it is ready for flight, we continue this up close and practical application of our new-found Ornithology wisdom.   I never knew bird watching was so rewarding and fun!


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There are Rules

Entered into our life this week, courtesy of Disney Channel:

You can pick your friends,

You can pick your nose,


You canNOT pick your friend’s nose!”


Wisdom once shared by a friend:

“You can pick ’em,

You can flick ’em,

You can even lick ’em…

…just as long as you DON’T stick ’em, 

we’ll get along just fine!”

And now you know 🙂


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A Letter to My Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

This letter is to ask forgiveness for the late night interruption of your deep sleep.  I, too, had found that place of wonderful rest when I heard him.  My dog.  Barking.

Barking, and barking, and barking.

And barking.

The more I tried to ignore it, the louder and faster it came.

Finally, realizing that something had to be done, I rose from bed, ready to give “it” to him for getting us run out of the neighborhood. 

On the way to the door, I notice my whole family is STILL asleep.  How can that happen with such a ruckus going on?

I get to the back door, and it sounds like he is on the porch, barking his head off, literally.  He’s NEVER done that before.

My mind starts to race….”Is he trying to protect us from something?”  “Is there something or someONE on the other side of the door trying to break in?”  “Should I even open the door at all?!”

Finally, I get the courage to open the door, and see that he is going BEZERK over something that is cornered between the air conditioner unit and the wall of our house.  I yell at him, tell him to stop – but he is NOT listening to me at all…..growling and barking all in the same breath…nonstop, running from one side of the a/c unit to the next and back.

I decide it is probably a cat, but go back to the bedroom to grab some shoes and a flashlight.  On the way, I pass the daughter asleep on the couch, the sons asleep in their room, and the husband snoring away.  Really!?  I mean, the world is falling at this moment, what sounds like WWIII is going on right outside our house, and now the door is open so the sound is even MORE amplified….and they are ALL asleep!? 

Oh well, I guess it’s up to me to save the world…

So, still in my nightgown and flip flops, flashlight in hand, I open the screen door again, and aim the flashlight at the suspected area, and this is what I saw….


This face, exactly…..teeth, eyes, pointy nose and all!!!  Scare-y!

I instinctively turned away from it once I realized there was evilness looking at me.  Then, when I turned back for another look, I guess it distracted it long enough for my dog to go in for the “kill”.  His big powerful jaws closed down on its’ neck and then all I heard was the sound of his footsteps as he ran off with it. 

He was like a “shadow”…gone with the possum in a flash.  I didn’t know where, I didn’t care to look either!!!

So, please, dear neighbor, forgive us today.  Know that if a possum invades our community, Toby the Lab will definately protect us from it.

Yours Truly,


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Laughing 6.

An e:mail funny forwarded to me by my friend, Niki:


A group of Second Bapt. friends wanted to get together on a regular basis and socialize and play games. As a result, about 4 couples formed a dinner club and agreed to meet for dinner at a different couple’s house each month.

Of course, the lady of the house was to prepare the meal.  When it came time, Al and Janet wanted to have the dinner at their house. Janet wanted to outdo all the others and prepare a meal that was the best that any of them had ever lapped a lip over. A few days before the big event, Janet got out her cookbook and decided to have mushroom smothered steak. When she went to the store to buy some mushrooms, she found the price for a small can was more than she wanted to pay. She then told her husband,  “We aren’t going to have mushrooms because they are too expensive.”

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Laughing? Or Not?


My son has just informed me that he ate a WORM at preschool today!?  (Ewwww, yuck, yuck, yuck!…spit…gag) 

When I asked him what the worm looked like, he said that it was yellow with a red head.  So…we googled pictures of worms.  At first I feared that it was a grub worm (gross….my stomach is already hurting), but after seeing several pictures of them, he is certain that it  wasn’t that.  He finally settled on the everyday earthworm pictures, which at first made me feel better about it.   — Protein, right?!

Then….I searched the words “eating worms” and came up with this medical article:

Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms

One month after eating an earthworm on a dare, a 16-year old girl developed a fever and nausea that lasted about 2 or 3 days, along with some mild swelling around her eyes. These symptoms went away, but over the next two weeks she also had a worsening cough and lost 5 pounds. The diagnosis? She had developed lung abscesses from parasites that were moving through her lungs. Her story is told in the February 2006 Pediatrics. Her story is unusual because she is a teen. But the worms she was infected with are common in the U.S., usually infecting toddlers and preschool-age kids. These worms, called Toxocara species, are common roundworms of dogs and cats (especially puppies and kittens). In developed countries, infections with these worms in kids are second only to pinworms. What’s the usual story?

In the typical scenario, a young child (age 1 to 4) is happily playing in a sandbox or a playground or soil that contains tiny Toxocara eggs. These eggs may be found wherever infected dogs or cats defecate (common throughout the contiguous U.S., especially in the southeast). Then the child puts dirty fingers in the mouth, or eats some sand or dirt. Once swallowed, the eggs hatch and the larvae begin to migrate through the body, where they can invade any organ. This sounds scary and gross, but…

The good news is that most kids who are infected with Toxocara species will get better on their own, without any treatment, and without ever having any symptoms or awareness of the infection. The higher the number of eggs ingested, the higher the chance of symptoms.  Fever and increased white blood cells (especially white blood cells called eosinophils) are the most common signs if any signs are present. Migration to the liver may cause liver enlargement. In some kids, though, the worms will migrate through the lungs, leading to cough or wheeze. Some kids diagnosed with bronchitis, pneumonia, or asthma actually have Toxocara infections. Usually, simple anti-parasite medicines will take care of the problem. Far less common, but far more serious, is migration to the heart, brain, or eyes.

How can Toxocara infections be prevented? Proper pick-up and disposal of pet poop at parks and playgrounds helps in public areas. Treating puppies and kittens with recommended worm medicines, especially during the first 8 weeks, helps prevent infections from your own pets. It makes sense to cover sandboxes where your child will play when they are not in use. Keep fingernails from getting too long, and clean the hands after playing in sand or dirt and before they go in the mouth. And, of course, try to avoid eating earthworms – even on a double dog dare.

Earthworms are wonderful friends to have in our soil. They aerate, detoxify, and enrich the soil as they move through it, swallowing the soil, and leaving behind marvelous, rich soil castings. But in the meantime, Toxocara larvae can be found throughout the length of the earthworms if they have been eating infected soil. Eating earthworms can make dogs, cats, or people sick.

So, contrary to the lines of the old song, even if nobody loves you, everybody hates you – don’t go eat some worms.

Alan Greene MD FAAP

Eggs?  Larvae?  In my son’s body?!!!  GREAT…..JUST GREAT.  Now what?  Do I wait for his organs to shut down, or should I rush him to the hospital? 

I think I will call the pediatrician right now.

In the mean time, he’s telling me that it is still tickling his throat.  Ugh!….???…yuck, yuck…ewwww…my stomach hurts…


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