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I would rather pull my teeth out

I would rather pull my teeth out, one by one, with a set of rusty pliers on a snowy day in the middle of the desert than….

teach my children to write!

There!¬† Somehow that made this homeschooling day a little bit better ūüôā


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Confession is good for the soul

Today I read Proverbs 28.¬† It said in verse 13, “He who covers his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.”¬† The Lord began¬†pointing out the need for confession so I decided to make it a day of confession.¬†..even wrote down all some of my shortcomings as the day progressed.

As a nice hot shower cleanses the body, so does a time of confession does for the soul.¬† It’s nice to look clean, AND smell clean!¬† I only smell that way, however, because I am bathed with the breath of Jesus.¬† His love and sacrifice became the mercy I needed for such a day as this.¬†

Because I try to be transparent, I don’t mind sharing my list with you.¬† This is me…the good and bad, loved and full of mercy, before God our Creator, as I am.¬† For those of you who might think I am always “rosey”, well…..let’s just say the Lord isn’t finished with me yet!¬†

Lord, help me to spend more time loving and caring for my husband!¬†¬†I have been selfish, have given into depression at times, and allow worry and¬†anxieties to fill my day.¬† I have been financially irresponsible lately, allowing the accumulation of some credit card debt for things we really didn’t need.¬† I enjoy eating a little too much!¬† Gluttony is¬†sinful, and I should take better care of my “temple”.¬†

With worries and doubts and anxieties come lack of self control at times when I should be more focused.¬† Lack of motivation to be productive, keeping walking “forward”, and manage my household duties has been a problem at times.¬†

I have not stayed “in Him”.¬† I need more of His Word daily.¬†

My children suffer when I am down and depressed.¬† I sometimes only give them 1/2 of me…..1/2 of my attention, 1/2 of my best teaching during¬†school, 1/2 of the love they need and deserve.

Sometimes I just. do. not. care.¬†¬†I give in to bad times, bad days, and just don’t try.¬†

Drudgery of the “same old, same old” enters my mind as I rise in the morning, and again when I finally go to bed at night.

This week, I brought our dog indoors against my husband’s wishes!¬† I cook¬†too much chicken and fish when the Hubby wants beef!¬† (Poor guy…..he just wants a steak, lol)

Lord help me to not give into despair.  Help me to give the anguish and hurt of the lack of some family relationships to You.

I need to better guard the eyes of my children.¬†¬†Prime time television does not¬†innocence make!¬†¬†What enters our home through feet or through wires should meet godly standards.¬† Our children know when we make godly choices and when we don’t.¬† There used to be a day not so long ago, that I stood firmly against watching “Nemo” because one of the main character voices was from an openly homosexual lifestyle.¬† Lately, I have caught myself inwardly justifying watching a prime television show that is promoting the same thing.¬† What a hypocrite I am at times?!

I still struggle with letting “busy-ness” take over priorities.

Although I try to live in honesty and as much righteousness as possible, I need forgiveness for thinking I don’t have much to confess….even unintentional sin is sin.

I forgot to pray before lunch today.

…and the list will most likely go on and on.

Yes, I am low sometimes….a dirty, rotten, scoundrel as might be described in our western world.¬† I try to be good, but the “good that I would do, that I do not”!¬†

What is important, though, is that I am¬†ABLE to confess, and I know the Lord HEARS and ANSWERS!¬† The next step is to “forsake” the sins I have confessed.¬† It¬†is a struggle… to day, hour by hour, minute by minute….because of my weak flesh.¬†

Thankfully the Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, and rich in love!  I am wretched, but He is WORTHY of all praise. 

I write this to you with love, and while experiencing the forgiveness of God.¬† It feels good!¬† Now I¬†look forward to starting¬†tomorrow clean and fresh!¬†¬† When is the last time you took time to¬†confess and forsake?¬† God¬†is¬†waiting¬†…..

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