Dog Days of Summer




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3 responses to “Dog Days of Summer

  1. So is he waiting for it to do something? Or did he do something and is now feeling guilty? With the wonderful temps outside, I’d think he’d be running around chasing his tail or something. 😉

    Looking at your beautiful eyes in your header photo makes me jealous. I’ve been dealing with pinkeye since Thursday. Ugh! Will it ever go away?

    • LOL! Every morning, we look out on the porch and he is curled up in that chair! To be so big, I am amazed how much he likes “sitting” there!
      Sorry to hear about your pink eye! Where did you get it from?

      • He’s got “his” spot. That’s great!

        I have NO IDEA where I picked up pinkeye! They say the incubation period can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Really?!? That leaves things WIDE OPEN. It’s driving me nuts, though! I’m mostly better now, but light still is hard to deal with. Even driving on a cloudy day like today – with my dark sunglasses on – was difficult. At least I’m looking better, even if I’m not seeing better. 🙂

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