Please don’t make me eat another egg!

Recently I read an article that said if you severely limit your carb intake (little to none) for 48 hours straight, then it will cause a metabolic boost that will help loose weight the rest of the week.

This seemed like a workable plan for me.  I figured two days without bread, sugar and starch would be better than what I had been doing, so there could only be a healthy consequence by trying this plan.

Last week was Week #1.  My two carb-less days went ok, however, by day #3 I was seriously starving.  We celebrated the accomplishment with a trip to the donut shop…..sigh.

Realizing that my Overly-carb’d Day #3 absolutely busted any progress I had made with Day #1 and #2, I remained determined to keep trying this plan.

Today is Day #1, Week #2.  So far, we have had watermelon for breakfast, and a grilled chicken/avocado salad for lunch (no dressing).  Tonight I plan on making an egg omelet.  It’s not a perfect no carb day, but  very close.

Tomorrow, what will be have to look forward to?  Eggs, meat, some veggies.  I will admit I’m not very excited at eating the same thing again.  I like variety.  There’s not many foods that I don’t like, and so I want to eat them all!  (thus, my growing weight problem) 

Do any of you have any no/very very low carb recipes?  I’m also looking for an internet link to a simple fruit/veggie list and each one’s carb counts.   I sure could use some ideas to keep this going!



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5 responses to “Please don’t make me eat another egg!

  1. I’m no help here. I love my carbs and will not give them up. I will, however, limit them. I don’t remember the last time I ate a donut (drool…), but they’ve been close by at times and I’ve ignored them. I eat whole grain bread (Billy and the boys eat white.), and I usually use whole wheat pasta and brown rice.

    Now a great tip I’ve recently heard but not tried is to reduce carbs by using julienned zucchini mixed in with pasta. You eat less pasta; you eat more veggies. Thankfully I have zucchini in my garden, so I definitely plan on trying this. I’ll let you know how it works out, unless you try it first. Then you let me know. 🙂

    Good luck – and sorry I’m not more help!

    • That’s a great idea with the julienned zucchini. I love vegetables, of all sorts, so anytime more veggies can be introduced I know that won’t be a hard transition!

  2. There are tons of low carb blogs on WordPress and I’ve just re-started my low carb diet so I will be posting meal ideas with pictures at least 4 times a week.

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