Not Quite 14

“We can only use those 14 years and up.”

This is what we were told when we showed up at the local church where tornado clean up efforts were being coordinated.

I understand why they made that rule…….sort of.

Yes, I know there are dangers of glass, nails, debris and other safety issues that kids aren’t necessarily ready to face, however, we decided to head out to the field on our own and 5 hours later, this is what we learned.

8 and 10 year olds know how to…


pick up trash,

pick up someone’s garage door,


pick up insulation,

work hard,

and care.

 They may not be fourteen yet, but they now understand more about the force of an EF3 tornado.

They see why it’s a big deal to stay informed and have a safety plan during bad weather.  They now know better why we don’t stay in cars during a tornado.
They understand how trash and debris can affect our waters and wildlife.

They can especially appreciate God’s protection knowing there were no fatalities and very few injuries.

Hopefully the next time we hear sirens and enter our “safe room”, they will remember that God is bigger than any bad thing that could possibly come our way.

 They have a better understanding of how people can help one another…

by passing out bottled water,

receiving free food from community businesses,

and the discovery, saving, and return of somebody’s cherished friends.

No, they aren’t yet fourteen.  They aren’t adults.  They are eight and ten, and they were very valuable volunteers today.  They worked just as hard as any of the 500+ volunteers on site today and I believe they will teach their future children how important it is to help when help is needed.

8 and 10 going on 14, going on 41, going on 81“, as I see it.  One generation teaching another generation to care about people.  Learning to be kind, compassionate, and caring toward one another.

This is Christian Homeschooling 101, and we don’t even care that we didn’t get our book work done today!


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10 responses to “Not Quite 14

  1. wishing you warmth during this time

    • Thank you. We were blessed to escape the damage. Others in the community, however, were not. Prayers are surely appreciated for each one of them!

  2. Jessica

    Wtg boys!! Y’all did amazing. Now I feel bad for playing all day. 😦

  3. Love seeing the servant heart that is in each of your sons. So true that no amount of book work that day could have replaced the lessons they learned that day. That was incredible damage–praising God that no one was killed.

    Thanks for sharing these photos– a reminder to keep those affected in continual prayer.

    • Thank you! I was so proud of them both. We worked again today, and seeing the damage again reminded me of how absolutely amazed I still am of God’s protection. Please continue praying for the families who lost their homes 🙂

  4. Thanks for taking us out there with you today. We enjoyed the sacrifice, the hard work, the feeling of community, and the fellowship. I think we all learned some important lessons today.

  5. What a great lesson of service your boys learned. Praising God that everyone was physically okay after the storm. I can’t begin to understand how devastating losing one’s home is.

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