Sunshine and Sunflowers

Oh how bright the sun shines when there’s a pretty little girl and a chocolate cake!  I just couldn’t resist making this cake for our little “Boo”!  It’s the first thing she and I have made together.  I made the cake layers.  She “helped” me with the icing, tested the “Peeps”, and continued to “fix” the icing as I added the chocolate chips.

2000 calories and probably 5000 grams of sugar later, the cake was done!

Notice the little finger at the bottom of this photo 🙂

Whoops!?  How did that happen?



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6 responses to “Sunshine and Sunflowers

  1. Pam

    love it 🙂 she is gonna remember all these good times with her “gramma” for the rest of her life, and just in case i took like a million pics haha

    • Thank you, dear daughter, for such a sweet and loving granddaughter! I love being a Grandma. She and L make it so easy too! Hopefully they will both have many many memories of Grandma in the kitchen, and at other places. I can think of no better thing to do than spend the rest of my life loving on my babies’ babies 🙂

  2. Jennifer Baker

    I saw this on pintrest. We were thinking of making it at Easter. Shes so cute! What a sweet memory with Gwamma. 🙂

  3. That little gal is a doll!!! Look at those eyes. Very very fun.

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