Consider the ants

Most of us have heard that phrase.  It comes from Proverbs 6 where God’s word says:

“Go to the ant, you sluggard!  Consider her ways and be wise, Which, having no captain, Overseer or ruler, Provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest.”

Ants are phenomenal creatures.  We have been studying them, along with other social insects this week.  The boys have learned their body parts, jobs, and alot about their design.  God did an amazing thing when he created ants!

One thing we have learned is that aphids and ants are dependent on each other.  Aphids are small insects that feed on the sap of newly sprouted stems, leaves, and flowers.  Eating the sap inside these fresh plants causes a special substance called honeydew to form inside the aphid’s body.  Ants will “milk” an aphid by rubbing the aphid’s back with its antennae.  The honeydew squeezes out of the aphid’s abdomen, and the ant enjoys a nice taste.  Ants protect the aphids in exchange for the opportunity to drink the honeydew liquid.

Not only are ants productive, they are also social.  They need each other to sustain the colony.  Each one knows their job and does it day-to-day without hesitation.  One ant could not live alone.  They need other ants and sometime other bugs such as aphids to survive.

What can we learn from this?  As individuals and as especially in homeschooling situations, it is important to remember that we need others to be successful, happy, and productive.  When things gets hard it is easy to retreat to our lonely shell, but over time that shell is just unhealthy to be under.

God created us for fellowship with one another.  We need to love and be loved.  We need conversation.  We need eye contact.  We need an occasional hug or even a pat on the back.

Consider the ants.  Leave the shell.  Reach out and get to know people.  Invite someone to dinner or a play date at the park.  Befriend the aphids in your life, and together you can both sit down and enjoy the sweet nectar God intended you to have!



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2 responses to “Consider the ants

  1. Kari

    Mmm…the sweet nectar of the Lord…

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