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Biscuit Pizzas


Easiest kid-friendly lunch in the world…

Mash a canned biscuit until it’s a flat circle.  Add pizza sauce (or spaghetti sauce), mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Bake at 400 degrees until cheese is melted.

Kids LOVE to make these and its super easy and very low cost!

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Book Chapter and Verse

This is our read through the bible blog page: . Several of us have been attempting to do this since the beginning of the year. We started with 13 and are down to only a few, just as all New Year’s resolutions seem to go. Did you know that statistics show all New Year’s Resolutions are broken by week #4?  Well, the good news is that reading the bible is always a good idea.  Whether it be started on January 1st, June 1st or December 1st, we can all benefit from learning more of God’s word!

Today, we are playing a little memory game. Feel free to join in and participate! Answers will be posted later this evening.

P.S. We’d love to have any of you join the group. Begin on any reading plan at any time! Just read the “Welcome” tab, then “Shake Hands” and join in. We’d love to have you 🙂

Book, Chapter & Verse

Don’t you remember your high school teacher saying those words just as you entered the room?! 

“Take everything off your desk.  You will only need this paper and a pen because today is QUIZ DAY!!” 

(At that point is when we all started to panic, lol!)  You then turn over the paper and begin to read the questions: 

During which book did Moses build the ark? 

On what day did the serpent eat the apple? 

Why did Abram’s wife turn to salt?

Hmmmm……something’s a little wrong here, don’t you think?!

We’ve been reading for 8 weeks now and though lately we’ve endured long descriptive details about the tabernacle and sacrifices, there have been many other details that may be getting lost!  I thought it would be fun to do a little review and see what we could remember.

The following statements have been scrambled.  If you choose to accept this…

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Move over chocolates!

Move over chocolates!
Get lost roses!
Roll away diamonds, cause
My Hubby got me a KitchenAid mixer!!

(…and a coffee cup, and some pink shooting glasses, and some ear plugs, and a cute little “I Love You” puppy, and…..


25 1/2 years of love with this man and still growing………I am blessed 🙂


Oh yeah!  (Doing the Happy Dance….da da da  dut da da…da da da dut da da!)


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There are Rules

Entered into our life this week, courtesy of Disney Channel:

You can pick your friends,

You can pick your nose,


You canNOT pick your friend’s nose!”


Wisdom once shared by a friend:

“You can pick ’em,

You can flick ’em,

You can even lick ’em…

…just as long as you DON’T stick ’em, 

we’ll get along just fine!”

And now you know 🙂


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Stuff is just Stuff

The above post is from a blog I’ve recently been reading.  Getting rid of “stuff” in our lives feels soooooo good — especially when you can pass it along to others!  With the recent moves we have made, I’ve had the opportunity to cull out the unused and unnecessary.  Passing clothes on to friends who will use them, or making a donation at the local Goodwill is just two ways we can all share the bountiful blessings God has provided.  To keep them when they aren’t even being used is just contrary to the life God has for us.

Look around you!  Is there something sitting in your closet that your neighbor or friend could benefit from?  Are there children you know that are just beneath the clothes and shoe sizes of your own?  Bless their parents with a commitment to pass down clothes each time your children grow out of them!  Help a single mother out with some furniture or unused appliances.  Trade in books, video games, and movies for a little extra cash to pay down your debts.  Host a garage sale and commit to use all the proceeds toward adoption costs for this family, or perhaps for another great cause.

When we take the time to declutter, the focus of our life turns back to God, His mission, and purposes.  Stuff is just stuff; people matter more.

Thinking Kids

Drowning in Stuff - Teaching Stewardship of Belongings - Danika Cooley at

I’m just going to say it:  I’m a reformed hoarder.  I have owned more things in my lifetime than any woman my age has business owning in her lifetime.  In fact, in my younger years there was a nagging fear in the back of my mind that I might one day be buried somewhere under a pile of paper, old clothes, and strange kitchen appliances.  Thankfully, a few really brave friends stepped in to help before it was too late.  With their help, and some Scriptural perspective, I have overcome.  I no longer serve my stuff… it serves me.  At least, I think so.  There is the danger that I will look back at this post in four years and sadly shake my head, knowing that I had not yet mastered my own stewardship of belongings.  Actually, that’s a likelihood.  Thank God we keep growing!

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Consider the ants

Most of us have heard that phrase.  It comes from Proverbs 6 where God’s word says:

“Go to the ant, you sluggard!  Consider her ways and be wise, Which, having no captain, Overseer or ruler, Provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest.”

Ants are phenomenal creatures.  We have been studying them, along with other social insects this week.  The boys have learned their body parts, jobs, and alot about their design.  God did an amazing thing when he created ants!

One thing we have learned is that aphids and ants are dependent on each other.  Aphids are small insects that feed on the sap of newly sprouted stems, leaves, and flowers.  Eating the sap inside these fresh plants causes a special substance called honeydew to form inside the aphid’s body.  Ants will “milk” an aphid by rubbing the aphid’s back with its antennae.  The honeydew squeezes out of the aphid’s abdomen, and the ant enjoys a nice taste.  Ants protect the aphids in exchange for the opportunity to drink the honeydew liquid.

Not only are ants productive, they are also social.  They need each other to sustain the colony.  Each one knows their job and does it day-to-day without hesitation.  One ant could not live alone.  They need other ants and sometime other bugs such as aphids to survive.

What can we learn from this?  As individuals and as especially in homeschooling situations, it is important to remember that we need others to be successful, happy, and productive.  When things gets hard it is easy to retreat to our lonely shell, but over time that shell is just unhealthy to be under.

God created us for fellowship with one another.  We need to love and be loved.  We need conversation.  We need eye contact.  We need an occasional hug or even a pat on the back.

Consider the ants.  Leave the shell.  Reach out and get to know people.  Invite someone to dinner or a play date at the park.  Befriend the aphids in your life, and together you can both sit down and enjoy the sweet nectar God intended you to have!


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Happy Birthday!


It’s hard to believe he’s “double digits”. We woke him up with very bad singing this morning and a donut on the family birthday plate. It rotates and plays the Happy Birthday song. My kids in their younger years have all been afraid of the creepy clown, lol. Its a tradition, though, and many birthday breakfasts have been served there!


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I’m back……maybe

Wow, it’s been another long time since I last posted.  I’m thinking about coming back to Blogdom, but not quite sure yet.  I’ve spent the whole morning renaming, redecorating, and re-reading old posts.  Maybe if I get serious you’ll read something worthwhile here again, lol.

I have a new blog address too:  I chose that name because what I’m really finding out is that God really is just not done with me yet.  Life continues the learning process and a person changes over and over.  It’s so comforting to know that when it’s all done, I will be the best “me” that He would want me to be.  Until then, I take two steps forward, sometimes one step back, but knowing the Lord is doing the leading gives me the comfort, strength and courage to keep walking!

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