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Here I sit…

Here I sit, at 4:56 AM, not having slept a wink all night.  Ok, well, maybe a wink or two, but barely.  Each time my eyes would close and I enter “The Zone” I was awakened by either my shoulder hurting (from trying to fit on the bed — all 5 available inches of it due to the Hubby and the grandchild taking up most of it), or because my lovely daughter in the middle of a hair coloring tragedy kept leaving her light on, or because Son #1 continues with his nightly habit of moving from his bed to ours.  Finally, I decided to give up and headed to the couch.

What in the world happens so early in the morning?!!  What am I to do now?  I’ve already checked Facebook, noting my displeasure at the lack of sleep.  Then I had a little “so-you’re-not-gonna-try-and-color-your-own-hair-again-are-you?” talk with the daughter.  Then here came Son #1 (again) to which I was actually excited that he didn’t disturb my sleep this time since I was already awake!

So…here I sit, reviving my dusty old blog, and not knowing quite what to write. 

Maybe this is an answer to the prayers of my brothers and sisters at Lifegroup tonight?!  We were talking about the need to rest in the Lord — spending time with Him daily.  This has been a huge struggle for me lately, and I shared that I really miss the times I used to pour over the scripture, diving into every word, searching out all I could find and understand and then blogging on it.  It was during those times that I refreshed spiritually and grew in the Lord.

Life has been so CHAOTIC, it seems for several years now.  With the responsibilities of a stay-at-home Mom of four children and one grandchild, in addition to homeschooling, and countless other “projects”, it seems I have lost my way.  I run, and run, and run, and run until it gets to the point that I throw up my hands and decide to just coast through the remainder of time because everything I run to and from ends with more to run to and from!

There’s got to be a better balance…and I need to find it.

So….our lifegroup members prayed that I would start blogging again, and …  

here I sit… at 5:10 am.


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