Whatever Wednesday

Ok, so I’ve been liking Facebook lately.  What do you think about playing WW there today?  We could do it as a test to see who might want to join in. 

The “unanswered question” from last week is posted there.



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4 responses to “Whatever Wednesday

  1. Stacy West

    if you are oing to change things up on me, I need instructions on how to get there and play. I know…everyone is doing it…but me!

  2. Julie

    LOL….Sorry Stacy! Go to Facebook.com and set up an account. I was quite skeptical about it, but have since learned to appreciate the way you can communicate with so many at once. I’ll be posting here still too, but just thought WW would be more fun on Facebook.

  3. Niki

    Ok, I just got off of f/b to play on your website…now my husband will be wanting the computer. I’ll try and get back on there after while. I finally remembered it was wednesday! Woooo-hoooo.

  4. Dreama

    LOL!!! This was great!!! You mean you didn’t make them a sarcophagus out of wood AND gold?? LOL!! I’m glad they enjoyed their project!!! I like the smiles instead of the pouty faces…although a little torture can be kinda fun too!!!

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