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How to Make Boys Cry…

photo_040709_012photo_040709_008…Give them a Barbie. lol

Yes, I gave my boys a Barbie.  One for each of them.

As you can tell, they were NOT happy.

The sinister side of me even allowed them to dwell in this state for a moment — or five.  I couldn’t help it!  Their reaction was priceless!

I knew that the Barbies were to be used for a school project, but in their minds, they could only envision torture.  Yes, pure. painful. torture.  The mere thought of even holding something pink sent them into such a tizzy.  My Dad would have been so proud, lol.

photo_040709_013The little one even tried to sneak a permanent marker, and began coloring across the packaging on his Barbie to purposefully cover up the sight of her!  He threw the package down, slid it across the floor, folded his arms across his chest, and proclaimed he would have NOTHING. TO. DO. WITH. IT!

photo_040709_0061Finally, the compassionate side of me kicked in, and I explained that we would be making mummies out of them, and wow, what a change on their faces! 

Now they were perfectly fine with it, lol! 

photo_041409_007Thoughts of “Barbie manipulation” danced in their heads.  They couldn’t wait to pretend to cut her open, take out her organs, pull her brain out through her nose, dip her in water, cover her in salt and spices, and then wrap her until every inch was covered for eternity! 

NOW they didn’t mind having a Barbie, lol!



A day later, and the project was done,

photo_041409_0161It was so much fun, we decided to make each other mummies, too!

photo_041609_002then our Ancient Egypt study culminated into a trip to Dallas to see the King Tut display.  Even Dad got to come along. 


We had a great time!


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Whatever Wednesday

Ok, so I’ve been liking Facebook lately.  What do you think about playing WW there today?  We could do it as a test to see who might want to join in. 

The “unanswered question” from last week is posted there.


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Little Boys

I am so blessed to have two little boys!  They brighten my day when I least expect it, and I thought I would share some of it with you…

The five year old:

“Momma, my sunglasses are too little for my eyelashes.”

“Googley”  (The silly word he picked out as a reminder of when an attitude needs adjusting. 

(Negotiation when Daddy tells him to get off the computer game because he needs to work on his sermon)  “Ok, Dad.  Let’s do this…Whoever touches that black chair is 1st to the computer, ok?  1, 2, 3, go!”  (Dad holds him back and then runs ahead to the chair.)       “Googley! Googley Dad!  You can’t do that!”

(When I didn’t hold a door open for him)  “Why you can’t be a gentleman girl, Mom?”

(When he thought he heard a knock at the front door)  “Mom!  That knockin’ at the door…..actually that was God!”

The seven year old:

(While watching “Fireproof”, the movie, the scene is where Kirk Cameron has been trying so hard to make his marriage work, and then is served divorce papers.  He opens the document, scans it, and then slides down to the floor, absolutely devastated.)  “What is that Momma? … Bills?”

(Passing by road construction in town…)  “Why are all the road workers brown, Mom?”

(While reading in James about orphans and widows…) “Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this:  to visit opponents and windows in their distress…”

Today, I’m thankful for my little boys!  I love them!  


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Whatever Wednesday

After taking a break last week, the question on the table is:

Where are all the “Whatever Wednesday’ers?”

Invite your friends to join us….answer the question before you, and then ask another.  I wonder what Life Mystery we’re going to solve today? lol


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