**Please Pray for Ella Ruth**

Sorry, everyone, I haven’t opened Whatever Wednesday tonight.  We’re heavily in prayer for baby Ella Ruth West who was born this morning.  She has fluid in her lungs and possible pneumonia.  Please join us in praying that her lungs will clear quickly, her breathing rate go to normal, and that she would be in her Mom and Dad’s loving arms soon. 

Parents, Stacy and Ron, are very blessed to have this new addition to their family!  She is so precious and beautiful! — What a wonderful creation of God!

We love and are praying for you little Ella, Ron, and Stacy!  You too, big brother and sister, Brendan and Kelsey!   Congratulations 🙂


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2 responses to “**Please Pray for Ella Ruth**

  1. Stacy West

    WOW!!! Many many thanks for prayers…they work!

  2. Julie

    FYI…Ella Ruth came home from the hospital on Saturday, March 28. She also got a good report at her follow up visit on Monday! Praise the Lord 🙂

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