Did you know that the human body has approximately 650 muscles?  I think I used EVERY ONE of them today.  Most certainly, I’ll feel it in the morning, too.  (Along with the open blister on my hand.)

It was a good day — very productive, but very chaotic too.

We started off this morning with “Monster Mommy” declaring that it was WORK DAY!  “Woo hoo!  Hurray!!”, said all four children.  (Well, not really.)

We hauled dirt all day, hoed the garden, added landscape timber edging around it, built a firepit, leveled out the dirt entrance to an outside shed in preparation for cement block covering, picked up trash, organized a shed, washed the dog, and trimmed some limbs. 

Inside, the eldest worked on the house, mopping, scrubbing, providing drinks to the outside workers, and sweeping out the dirt that was continually tracked in by the boys all day.

To celebrate, we spent Family Night outdoors, burning every piece of branch we could find as well as roasting hot dogs and making s’mores.  Yum! 

Highlights of the night….Watching June bugs making their suicidal flight INTO the fire as they burst into flames, stargazing, and the explosion of a soda can that was thrown into the fire.

It took all but about 2 seconds for the youngest to fall asleep, and I’m fading fast, but so appreciate the hard work of everyone at my house today. 

We’re going to try for another outside work day tomorrow to plant the garden, lay the concrete blocks to the entrance of the shed, and maybe even clean out another shed while we’re at it!  —Maybe, lol!

So much to do…..so little time to do it! 


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5 responses to “Ouch

  1. Stacy West

    We called those “Family Yard Days” growing up, and Dad declared it would be a mandatory good time! Hope yours was. I am mapping out our garden as we speak getting ready to purchase seed. I, however, picture myself in a flowing sundress with a glass of lemonade sitting by the garden watching the children and Daddy cultivate. What do you think?

  2. Dreama

    Hey! Wanna come and have family night at my house??? I would like to have a fire pit too!!! LOL!!!

  3. Kari

    Julie…..!?!?!?? Where is “whatever Wednesday” ?!?!??!??!??!???

    I’m so bummed out tonight!!! I was looking for a good game to play!!!

  4. Jessica

    I have to go take a nap after reading that…..Julie..contract labor!! Get some!!(J/K)

  5. Niki

    You make me feel like such a slug. A big, fat, heavy slug. Wish you’d come work in my yard…I’ll host the garden party if you’ll prepare the way. 🙂

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