Thankful Thursday

(by Craig)

I’m thankful for…

  1. My family because they take care of me.
  2. Toilet Paper because it’s easy to wipe.
  3. Tea because I love tea.
  4. Video Games because I’m addicted.
  5. My Dad and my Mom because they love me.
  6. Good days because you can have fun outside.
  7. God protecting us so bad guys won’t bust through the windows.
  8. Nintendo because I can play Donkey Kong.
  9. Hunting because I can have meat if we need it.
  10. Applesauce because it tastes very, very good.
  11. Homemade Bread because my Mom made it with love.
  12. Candy because it’s soooooooo good!
  13. Indoor Bathrooms so you don’t have to share other people’s germs.
  14. Chickens because they lay eggs for us.
  15. Rabbits because they are so cudly and cute.
  16. Dogs because they are bred for hunting and some like to cuddle, like Toby.
  17. Cats because they like to sleep so you don’t get scratched all the time.
  18. Mice because if you’re tied up in a rope, they can chew through it to get you loose.
  19. Spiders because they can kill rats.
  20. Bees because they make honey.


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2 responses to “Thankful Thursday

  1. Stacy West

    I’m glad to see that Craig is thankful for chickens even if his mom prefers the cold grocery eggs in a carton! Craig, your list is very thorough. Glad you are thankful for tiolet paper…that must mean you use it!

  2. Courtney N

    “17. Cats because they like to sleep so you don’t get scratched all the time.”

    LOL, he’d hate it at our house! We have seven cats!!

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