Trivia Tuesday

On “Laverne & Shirley”,

what was Laverne’s favorite drink?


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5 responses to “Trivia Tuesday

  1. Kari

    Well, I cheated and googled the answer…but, I won’t post it yet…I’ll let some honest person win the prize…

    However, I will say, the answer does make me want to gag!?!?!? How could anyone drink something like that?!?!??

  2. Pepsi and Milk. 🙂 Didn’t google it – but I think that was it b/c my mom hated Pepsi but used to let us drink Dr. Pepper & Milk.

  3. Julie

    Yeah! Pepsi and Milk! It sounds REALLY yucky, but almost makes me want to try it, lol. Kari, you get the honesty prize! Leslie you get the answer prize!

    Thanks for playing 🙂

  4. Pam

    I really think Im going to try that. You can have some mom, 🙂

  5. Dreama

    AAWWW Man! I haven’t been to blogs that much or facebook! I forgot about Wednesdays around here. I would have totally won another bottle of bubbles!!! Pepsi and milk…

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