Whatever Wednesday

I haven’t had much time to post this week, but there’s always time for “Whatever Wednesday”, right?

We had SO MUCH FUN last Wednesday!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Let’s see if we can kick off another day of random fun…

The last question ended with Niki:

“What’s the best thing to dip in chocolate?”

Remember, you must first answer the question, and then ask another question.  It can be about anything (keep it clean, lol).  Come back often, because you never know when the questions are going to take a turn you won’t want to miss!

Enjoy the day! 


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65 responses to “Whatever Wednesday

  1. Julie

    Brett says, “ice cream”.

    His question is: “Does ice cream melt?”

  2. Julie

    Craig says “yes”

    Craig’s question: “Does a barbie use toilet paper?”

  3. Kari

    Well, one can only hope that Barbie uses toilet paper!!

    Would you rather skydive or bungee jump?

  4. Stacy West

    I think both are crazy!! I prefer hang gliding.
    Back to ice cream…Homeade or in a carton?

  5. Julie

    homemade definately!!
    What’s for dinner tonight?

  6. Rice – it’s always something and rice. Sigh.

    Question: What would cause a Barbie to actually use toilet paper?

  7. Jessica

    I’m gonna say plastic poop.

    Do you ever shop on Ebay?

  8. Jessica

    Ok, I’ll go again….Not much…mainly sell.

    What’s better brownies or cookies?

  9. Stacy West

    brownies, if you can beat your hubby to the corner pieces.

    why are there always more peanuts than any other kind of nut in a can of mixed nuts?

  10. Jessica

    I bet because they are cheaper….It’s all about $$

    Keeping on the nut topic, What is your favorite nut from a can of nuts?

  11. Brazil Nuts – without a doubt.

    How can I get scrambled eggs out of a pan that I forgot to soak last night?

  12. Julie

    Lol….I’m working on that one at the moment, too, Leslie! I’m soaking, and then gonna use my Pampered Chef stone scraper — it works wonders! 🙂

    Why is it that little boys are so much more energetic than girls? (The boys have been wrestling and play fighting ALL DAY….AGAIN)

  13. Jessica

    You got me Julie, but if you figure out to to calm them down short of a tranquilizer i’d like to know!!!

    Is Dr Pepper really carbonated prune juice?

  14. Stacy West

    please tell me no! I don’t drink colas, but when I do, I always reach for the Pepper!

    Why do pregnant pants not stretch as far as your growing belly?

  15. Julie

    Kenneth says: I don’t know how to answer that, I’ve never been pregnant.

    His Q: Why did the woman cross the road?

  16. Stacy West

    probably because her husband was acting a fool!

    Spring or Fall?

  17. Stacy West

    where’s Pam? is she afraid to play after last week?

  18. Jessica

    I think it was because she was stapled to the chicken….

    What was Kenneths answer to that?

  19. Julie

    From Kenneth: The real answer is “What does it matter? What is she doing out of the kitchen?”

  20. pamblack

    Stacy: I like summer Lol and no im not scared from last week,…i thought it would be the other way around! hah!

    my question…what car is the first car on the road that causes the traffic jams in dallas?

  21. Stacy West

    the person who was putting down their starbucks and missed their exit and slams on the brakes in order to cut everyone off and still get off at the right road

    from Kelsey to Brett: Why does Eagle Man shoot poop from his eyes?

  22. Julie

    From Brett: “Cuz he wanted to cuz he wanted um the poop becuz to save the world.”

    To Kelsey from Brett: Why, um, why , why, Superman, he doesn’t show his wife, doesn’t know how to show em, Superman? That’s it.”

  23. Jessica


  24. Julie

    Sorry….he stutters sometimes! lol

  25. while everyone is trying to decode bretts answer…Lol

    question: have you had your daily dose of fiber?

  26. Stacy West

    don’t do it! don’t eat the fiber twigs!

    who do you think will survive Idol? (If you know for sure, don’t post! I’m recording)

  27. Julie

    Let’s just say that Leslie’s Noah is going to be very very happy tomorrow night!

    Why is it that when you stack two ice trays in the freezer, the top one releases the ice easily, and the bottom one is very hard to empty?

  28. Kenya

    Lance says, “Cuz…it’s not as cold…heat rises.”

    His question is, “Why do crickets only chirp in the dark?”

  29. Because if they chirped in the day, my shoe would find them.

    Why do most hair dressers have terrible haircuts?

  30. Kenya

    They try to do it themselves…

    What do you get when you cross a ladybug and a trampoline?

  31. Julie

    Welcome Lance 🙂

    A: “Lady and the Tramp”
    Q: What do you think people will say when they drive by my house and see my son in his underwear singing with the karoake machine? lol

  32. Jessica

    A tramp-o-bug?

    When was the last time you laughed until you shot anything out your nose?

  33. Kenya

    “Wow…that kid acts just like his parents..”

    How do you make a soapapilla (not sure of the spelling)?

  34. Jessica

    They’ll laugh until something comes out thier nose…LOL

  35. Jessica

    julie, They’ll probably laugh until they shoot something out of thier nose.LOL

  36. Jessica

    First you drive to the Jalepeno Tree…

    (my computer did something wierd there..

    When is the last time you ate pickles?

  37. Julie

    I keep telling Kenneth to quit.

    You take a bar of soap, add some pilla and stir. (Or just go order one at your favorite mexican restaurants)

    Q: Who wants Stephen Mason to join us on “Whatever Wednesday”?

  38. Stephen


    So is there a chance that you could ever end up wearing your socks on the wrong feet?

    Julie, is this the type of altering your life needed?

  39. Stephen

    Last night, with salt!!!

    Is there ever a chance that you could end up wearing your socks on the wrong feet?

    Julie, is this the kind of altering your life needed?

  40. Julie

    Yeah! Stephen’s here 🙂

    Yes, I had that question too, Stephen!

  41. Jessica

    I think I always have my socks on the wrong feet…that explains alot!!!

    Whose idea was it for the word “lisp” to have an s in it?

  42. Jessica

    Sorry I want to change my question…you can’t answer that.

  43. Jessica

    If you are a coroner and an amputee comes in with no legs, where would you put the “toe” tag?

  44. someone with a cruel sense of humor.

    if you HAD to pick,…would u rather be deaf or blind

  45. Julie

    Hmmmm…..still wondering why we can’t explore the lisp question?

  46. Stephen

    Maybe the doctor that named it had a lisp and got hung up while he was trying to say it!!

    Where can I find an “easy button” for real life?

  47. Jessica

    Stephen the closest I can come up with would be the remote control…sorry.

    What’s the wierdest thing you ever did or saw done while sleeping?

  48. Julie

    It seems the older I get I head toward deaf AND blind.

    Isn’t there an “easy button” on some commercial?

  49. Stephen

    Did you just ask me what the wierdest thing I have ever SEEN while SLEEPING…?

  50. Julie

    LOL…..Kenneth just said that same thing, Stephen.

    Jess….I got it — you meant “while dreaming”, right?!

  51. Julie

    Well, the other night I dreamed I was hired as a Market Coordinator for CVS?!

    Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?

  52. Jessica

    NOOOO I meant the wierdest thing you have ever done in your sleep or seen someone else do…for example one time I went in my parents bedroom and asked my dad to look at my hip and then went back to bed…but it was confusing…think i confused myself

  53. i used to sleep walk all the time and wake up on piano benches. and one night i moved all the chairs from the kitchen table and somehow fit them all inside the bathroom while my parents watched. then went back to bed.

    what is your biggest fear?

  54. Stephen

    Hearing God not say “Well done good and faithful servant…”

    So I have begun preaching through the book of James. Is it safe to say that if a Christian does not expierence trials in their walk, that maybe they don’t have a relationship to begin with?

  55. Kenya

    Everyone experiences trials…you just may not see them go through it…also, the trials are always there…it’s how you deal with it that shows whether or not you have a relationship with God.

    Which came first…the cow, or the steak?

  56. the cow

    so far what age was/is your favorite age to be?

  57. Julie

    Kenneth says, “Sola Fide”, Count it all joy!

    If a non-christian has trials, does that mean they do have a relationship?

  58. Kenya

    22…oh wait…that comes in 36 days….ahemm!! just a reminder 🙂

    What do you most love about Chuck e Cheeses?

  59. Julie

    Kenneth says, “15”, wow, that was last year!

    Who is the last person in the world to go to bed tonight?

  60. Julie

    K, I’m moderating since we have three questions on the table. For times’ sake, let’s just combine them:

    Q: If Chuck-e-cheese is a non-Christian, when does he go to bed?

  61. Kari

    Jeremy speaking…

    Ummm….when the devil does?

    What time do you go to bed?

  62. Kari

    I try to go to bed by 10…but obviously don’t always make it. LOL

    If you could be one person, who would it be?

  63. chuck-e-cheese is an evil evil mouse i know for a fact so he probably goes to bed very late from staying up thinking of evil plans like knocking over my little brother in his highchair.

    if u had the choice of going back in time or going to the future which would u choose, why?

  64. Pam

    so what..u only post on wednesdays now?


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