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Trivia Tuesday

One of the craziest inventions of all time was patented in 1903. To protect the eyes of a certain animal from being damaged during feeding, eyeglasses were created for what animals?


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**Please Pray for Ella Ruth**

Sorry, everyone, I haven’t opened Whatever Wednesday tonight.  We’re heavily in prayer for baby Ella Ruth West who was born this morning.  She has fluid in her lungs and possible pneumonia.  Please join us in praying that her lungs will clear quickly, her breathing rate go to normal, and that she would be in her Mom and Dad’s loving arms soon. 

Parents, Stacy and Ron, are very blessed to have this new addition to their family!  She is so precious and beautiful! — What a wonderful creation of God!

We love and are praying for you little Ella, Ron, and Stacy!  You too, big brother and sister, Brendan and Kelsey!   Congratulations 🙂


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Did you know that the human body has approximately 650 muscles?  I think I used EVERY ONE of them today.  Most certainly, I’ll feel it in the morning, too.  (Along with the open blister on my hand.)

It was a good day — very productive, but very chaotic too.

We started off this morning with “Monster Mommy” declaring that it was WORK DAY!  “Woo hoo!  Hurray!!”, said all four children.  (Well, not really.)

We hauled dirt all day, hoed the garden, added landscape timber edging around it, built a firepit, leveled out the dirt entrance to an outside shed in preparation for cement block covering, picked up trash, organized a shed, washed the dog, and trimmed some limbs. 

Inside, the eldest worked on the house, mopping, scrubbing, providing drinks to the outside workers, and sweeping out the dirt that was continually tracked in by the boys all day.

To celebrate, we spent Family Night outdoors, burning every piece of branch we could find as well as roasting hot dogs and making s’mores.  Yum! 

Highlights of the night….Watching June bugs making their suicidal flight INTO the fire as they burst into flames, stargazing, and the explosion of a soda can that was thrown into the fire.

It took all but about 2 seconds for the youngest to fall asleep, and I’m fading fast, but so appreciate the hard work of everyone at my house today. 

We’re going to try for another outside work day tomorrow to plant the garden, lay the concrete blocks to the entrance of the shed, and maybe even clean out another shed while we’re at it!  —Maybe, lol!

So much to do… little time to do it! 


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Thankful Thursday

(by Craig)

I’m thankful for…

  1. My family because they take care of me.
  2. Toilet Paper because it’s easy to wipe.
  3. Tea because I love tea.
  4. Video Games because I’m addicted.
  5. My Dad and my Mom because they love me.
  6. Good days because you can have fun outside.
  7. God protecting us so bad guys won’t bust through the windows.
  8. Nintendo because I can play Donkey Kong.
  9. Hunting because I can have meat if we need it.
  10. Applesauce because it tastes very, very good.
  11. Homemade Bread because my Mom made it with love.
  12. Candy because it’s soooooooo good!
  13. Indoor Bathrooms so you don’t have to share other people’s germs.
  14. Chickens because they lay eggs for us.
  15. Rabbits because they are so cudly and cute.
  16. Dogs because they are bred for hunting and some like to cuddle, like Toby.
  17. Cats because they like to sleep so you don’t get scratched all the time.
  18. Mice because if you’re tied up in a rope, they can chew through it to get you loose.
  19. Spiders because they can kill rats.
  20. Bees because they make honey.


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Whatever Wednesday

What is the real meaning of “is”?

….which is the question on the table for this week’s “Whatever Wednesday”. 

Jess said to invite the Clintons for a response, but I never got around to that so we will have to go it alone. 

Remember, answer the question before you and then ask another for the next person. 

This game is life changing.  Seriously.



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Thankful Thursday

Wow!  I really have alot to be thankful for this week…

  1. God, who loves me beyond measure.
  2. Tears spilt for a soul, a reminder that His cause is still deep in my heart.
  3. The look on the boys faces when Daddy came home for lunch yesterday.  (He is working mostly in our town now, instead of driving the 140 mile round trip each day)
  4. Rain.
  5. A sweet, loving dog who so appreciates being let inside during cold and wet weather.
  6. A great first overnight sleepover for my son.
  7. Seeing my son and his friend do their bible study together.
  8. Whatever Wednesday — it made me laugh, really hard, for the first time in a while!
  9. The ladies of our church family who minister and seek God together.
  10. Donna – for the time and effort she has made for the Father/Daughter Banquet.  What a great testimony for Cornerstone to encourage building that relationship.
  11. My Daddy and the time I had with him…sure wish he was here to take me to the banquet {{sniff, sniff}}.
  12. The opportunity to take pictures for all the little girls and Dads as they enjoy their unforgettable evening.
  13. My daughter’s comments on the Life’s Work post.  
  14. God’s financial provision.
  15. The opportunity for the boys to play at the park this week with other homeschoolers.
  16. Seeing the dad of those homeschoolers take his four children to the park alone.  You could tell he truly enjoyed the time with them.
  17. This blog — there’s been over 25,000 hits now.  Wow! — Truly amazing that there are that many people who want to know what I have to say, lol!
  18. Anoop is still on AI — for Noah.
  19. Pam has begun to blog again.
  20. Kenya got home before midnight last night 🙂 


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Whatever Wednesday

Wow — what a discussion we had going on last week!  Everything from food to household tips, to theological questions. 

Also, just in case you didn’t know…..Barbie uses PLASTIC toilet paper!

There’s a few questions that were left unanswered.  One of them was from Kari who asked, “If you could be one person, who would it be?”

As I contemplate the question, I realize that I would like to just be me.  It seems I am most times being pulled from one direction or the other, feeling like I wear too many hats at a time, so if I had 30 minutes alone, I would probably just like to sit down with a good book and just be me.

The night ended with Pam’s question: 

“If you had the choice of going back in time or into the future, which would you choose?” 

Let’s get the fun rolling 🙂  Remember, answer the question and then ask another.  Come back often, and have a wonderful Wednesday!


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Trivia Tuesday

On “Laverne & Shirley”,

what was Laverne’s favorite drink?


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Life’s Work – Is it Working? (Part 2)

Continuing from the last “Life’s Work – Is It Working?” post, I want to explore the “norm”.  What is the normal, average, Christian family unit in America today?  What are the “normal” goals for families in this century?  What do we, as a whole, teach our children?  What should be their goal and steps into adulthood once they reach “the” age?  What exactly is “the age” that kids morph into adulthood?

The answers to all these questions, unchallenged, seem to be unstated – a “given” answer that we all “just know”…

As good parents, we teach them wrong from right, expect them to behave, give them vision for a future, an education to see them through, and it all has to be done by the time they’re 18! (?)

 We think that the “magic number” of 18 is when they should all understand and accept the maturity and responsibilities of adulthood.  Once they graduate high school, the world makes the big proclamation….

…Da Ta Da Daaaaaaaaaa!….

You Are An Adult NOW!!!!

Then, we send them off and expect them to suddenly do the things “adults” do?

They “suddenly” get up on time, clean their room, read their bible, go to college, make good grades, discern between good and bad teaching, flee from wrongful relationships, set goals, get a job, pay taxes, marriage, family, go to church, come back to see us occasionally, and be an overall good citizen.

Huh?  Is someone talking about TODAY’s kids?

Even in the best of Christian homes, there seems to be such the opposite.

Not just your “normal” mistakes or maturity issues, but the recent high school graduates that I know are failing.  Failing to recognize that their family is still an important part of life after high school.  Failing to see that there are more pressing and important things than immediate independence.  Failing to notice that good, healthy relationships are not ones that are found on social networking websites.  Failing to appropriate time to God on a regular basis.  Falling into thinking that a state-of-the-art cell phone with unlimited texting and data packages is a necessity. 

Christian parents all over the world are raising children who end up graduating high school with such little personal maturity that they end up crashing during their first semester of college.  

Colleges all over the world, whether they want to admit it or not, also contribute to the bombardment of failure these kids experience by choosing to ignore their need for continual direction and guidance as they adjust to life after high school.

We all assume that the “kids” are now “adults”.  We all assume that they are ready for such responsibility and we have to cut strings in order to let them make their own decisions.  Rise or fall, they will learn from it, and become the great leaders this world will need for the next generation, right?


While I will certainly not begin to say that I have all the answers, personal events in the last few years have led me to some parts of the conclusion equation.

One part is that even when we raise our children with all sorts of head knowledge, there is a greater need for heart knowledge.   This is a big piece of “education” that we are all failing at miserably.

All of our lessons, our lectures, our admonition during the first eighteen years of their life reaches a point where it must be practically applied in the world in order to amount to anything.

We cannot expect them to “know” it all without applying it in their daily life.

We tell them, “respect others”, “be responsible”, “live right”, “seek God”, but fail terribly at purposefully finding opportunities for them to practice doing that while they are still under our roof. 

When we fall into the thinking that we have to go along with certain “normal” teenage issues, we begin to shy away from active involvement in our teenager’s lives.  We want to be the “cool” Mom or Dad, or we shrug our shoulders and accept that our sons and daughters don’t want us to hug them in public, or hang out with their friends.

As if in some ignorant state, we say, “they’re teenagers…they don’t want us parents hanging around”.  So we back away, leaving our children to face the world alone.

As they continue the “morph” into young adult years, we convince ourselves that we have to let go.  So we, once again, back away and allow them to face the world alone.

Now I’m not saying that we should still control every aspect of their life, but it seems to me that they still need some direction and guidance from the ones who love them most.  Even when they think they are ready to be on their own, many times they find just the opposite.  Only then, it is at a high cost or perhaps too late for them to abruptly turn back toward home.

What I have learned so far is that parents of young adults just finishing their high school years need to be more involved in their life than ever before.

Allow them freedom to make choices, but gently guide the direction of their decision, and still do whatever it takes to help them choose the appropriate steps down life’s road.

It is a rare young adult who can successfully face the world alone. 

Which leads me to the next post of the series…


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Whatever Wednesday

I haven’t had much time to post this week, but there’s always time for “Whatever Wednesday”, right?

We had SO MUCH FUN last Wednesday!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Let’s see if we can kick off another day of random fun…

The last question ended with Niki:

“What’s the best thing to dip in chocolate?”

Remember, you must first answer the question, and then ask another question.  It can be about anything (keep it clean, lol).  Come back often, because you never know when the questions are going to take a turn you won’t want to miss!

Enjoy the day! 


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