Whatever Wednesday

No one played last week, so I’m gonna keep the same starting question.  Tell your friends to come and play with us each week!

Here’s the way it works:  I start by asking a random question.  The next person answers my question, and then posts another question.  Then, it just keeps going and going.  It’s really neat to see how the questions evolve during the day.  At the end of the day, the last question will be carried forward to the next week’s “Whatever Wednesday”. 

Play as many times throughout the day as you can!  And…as you guessed, you can ask about “Whatever” you want!

Hopefully that all makes sense!  Here goes….

Question #1:  What is the greatest piece of advice anyone has ever given you?


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38 responses to “Whatever Wednesday

  1. Kari

    The greatest piece of advice…that it takes three in a marriage for it to work…

    What are you not doing that you should be doing?? He he… 🙂

  2. Kari

    Okay, I’ll play again…

    I should be cleaning house, but instead I did other things all day long…

    What is your favorite thing to eat?

  3. Kari

    Jeremy’s playing now…

    Chicken fried steak is my favorite food to eat.

    What’s your favorite brand of shoes??

    Come on people…Dreama, Cherie, Buddy, Jennifer, Kenneth, Mike, Michael…and all the others of you…this is a FUN game please play!! 🙂

  4. Julie

    Thank you Kari and Jeremy! Keep on keepin’ on…

    I’ll play again now….

    Favorite brand of shoes: Ummm….Dr. Scholl’s (lol)

    Q: What’s one of your pet peeves?

  5. pamblack

    One of my per peeves are people that wear dr. scholl’s and think they are cool.

    haha JKJKJKJKJK mom, yes they are the most comfortable out there. I will wear a pear one day just to prove I was kidding. Love you? Lol

    Ok um, one of my pet peeves is whiney people.

    and my question…

    Are you excited about the stimulus package? =) hah.

  6. pamblack

    Haha i mean pair. I spelt that wrong. I will not wear fruit on my feet.

  7. pamblack

    And per means pet. ….cough…

  8. Julie

    Can’t wait to get my extra $13 per week, Pam!
    (Think I’ll spend it on a new pair of Dr. Scholls 🙂

    Q: How do you think Pam did in High School English?!

  9. Kari

    Jeremy speaking…

    No, he is not excited about the stimulus package…

    Are you excited about the cold weather coming back this weekend?

  10. Kari

    Okay…this is Kari…

    No…I am not excited about the cold weather…I am much enjoying the warmth.

    What’s in the thid drawer of your dresser/chest??

  11. Kari

    P.S….must have been posting at the same time…

    Well, since she spelled pair, pear, as in pair of shoes…I’m guessing not so well?
    Okay…what’s in the third drawer of your dresser/chest?

  12. Dreama

    Stimulus package??? Sure, that 13 dollars a week will really help!!!
    Which do you prefer? chocolate or vanilla?????

  13. pamblack

    All of my shoes are in the 3rd drawer….i dont really know why…

    What kind of deoderant do you use?

    …And FYI i did very well in English thank you very much. a D is good right?

  14. Julie


    I love chocolate AND vanilla!! (Can’t you tell by my lovely figure?!)

    Now on to Pam’s deodorant question…she really needs an answer…..a recommendation, that is, lol! (trust me!)

  15. Kari

    Degree…for women…


    Obama or Clinton??

  16. pamblack

    Well you wonder why I left the blogging world for almost a year now…talkn about my grades in HS and my deodarant issue…quit hatin..lol

  17. Kari

    Pam…you didn’t answer the question…are you playing the game or not???????

  18. pamblack

    Obama cuz he has nice teeth. 😀

    Marijuana or cocaine?

  19. Kari

    Jeremy speaking here….


    What book are you currently reading?

  20. Kari

    Pam…ummmm…you’re sure creating lots of hits for your the blog…

    I can’t choose….

    Next person please?!?!??

    Pams question was…

    Marijuana or cocaine??

  21. Julie

    Marijuana……um, I mean “The Makers Diet”! lol

    This is fun 🙂

    What side do you sleep on?

  22. pamblack

    LOl yall can skip it. I know its hard to choose between the two.

    Lol jk my MOMs idea for the question…maybe yall should have a chat with her..

  23. pamblack

    the left side.

    What did you have for dinner?

  24. Kari


    What would you rather live in the mountains or by the ocean??

  25. Kari

    Pam…I had pizza…

    Would you rather live in the mountains or by the ocean?

  26. Julie


    What do you think of Global Warming?

  27. Kari

    I think it’s a CROCK!!

    What book are you currently reading?

  28. Julie

    I see the marijuana answer just totally caused you skip my book answer!! lol (I’m reading “The Makers Diet”)

    Have you ever seen an elephant jumping on a trampoline?

  29. Kari

    Okay…umm….nope, can’t say that I’ve ever seen an elephant jumping on a trampoline.

    I’m going to bed…but one last question from me…

    What would your perfect dream for tonight be? Rich, fame, etc…??

  30. pamblack

    I have only read about it in books.

    What are you secretly a fan of?

  31. Kenya

    I am secretly a fan of Boy Bands…Yes, I never got over that….

    If you were down to your last dollar, what would you spend it on?

  32. Julie

    Don’t go Karrrriiiiiiii!!! Jeremy still there?

  33. pamblack

    Kari…To live a life God and my parents are proud of.

    awww…ok blah blah blah i know.. Lol

    Kenya, I would spend it on a dr.pepper from a coke machine. Im dying for caffeine.

    And my question…

    Which has better looking legs… A seagull or a chicken?

  34. Kenya

    Seagull definitely…they eat lots of good stuff at the beach…

    If you could have plastic surgery, what would it be on?

    This is my last question….remind me next week mom and i’ll do it again.

  35. Niki

    I thought I’d jump in just before going to bed…

    If I could have plastic surgery, I would definately have the “girls” put back where they used to be before having kids!

    Question…what’s the best thing to dip in chocolate?

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  37. Jessica

    I know this is over for this week, but I actually sat here and read that entire post and comments…..cant’ wait for next week!!! It gives Wednesday new meaning!!!

  38. Julie

    Jess — Cool! Bring it on 🙂

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