Not Me! Monday


Welcome to “Toby’s Toasted Bananas” — the blog that’s kinda like the scene from “Forrest Gump”….you never know what name you’re gonna get!  

In the spirit of “Not”, I’m struggling to come up with something relatively interesting to post.

I was pretty normal this week.  (No comments about that, ok?! lol) 

Not much crazy stuff to confess, I’m afraid.  

Hmmm…..Let’s talk about the economy!  …….NOT!

For one day, wouldn’t it be a nice news report to hear “The stock market is back up, gas is down, we’re all gonna’ be able to afford dinner this week, and you’re not gonna’ have to ration squares of toilet paper after all!”

I mean, have you ever bought 2-ply only to feel like you have to make it 1-ply so it will last longer?! lol

We were gonna plant a garden this weekend, but the tiller isn’t working.  It’s probably not worth fixing either, so I guess we’ll just go without 😦  

I tried to think of a way to convince the husband to use the old plow we found when we moved here, but figured he’d “NOT” that idea right away!

The youngest is sick again.  We’re carefully watching him for potential seizure signs, trying to keep him rested and eating/drinking well.  So far, so good.  –May just be allergies due to yard work yesterday.

Not much else to talk about today.  What things did you NOT do this week?



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