Not Me! Monday

Hmmm…..let’s see….What did I NOT do this week?!

Well, for starters, I did NOT sneak away to Sonic for a half hour of peace and quiet (and BLT, cheese tots, and lime slush). 

I especially wouldn’t do this because we are conserving our dimes due to my husband’s recent cut in his salary. 

And, if I did do something like that, it would mean that I was self-serving and irresponsible considering all the other cuts in our budget that we are about to make. 

Nope, NOT me. 

I am the coupon-clippin’, penny-pinchin’, gotta’ stay-on-budget woman who “has it all together”.  Um, sure…..NOT!

I also did NOT spend the week hiding from a mentally challenged lady who has called my house, no lie, about 100 times so far.  I did NOT keep my kids inside for fear that they would be approached by her continual visits to my house, either. 

I did NOT study about godly love and the way that we all should extend that love to one another, and yet continue dodging this woman’s attempt to reach me.  The uncertainty of whether I should feel guilty or not for making myself unavailable to her did NOT eat at me all week.

Even the reassurances from my friends that I was doing the best thing did NOT help my inability to reconcile this in my mind.

So….today I did NOT wrap up all the week’s uncertainties by eating 1/3 of a homemade chocolate meringue pie!!  All. by. myself. — nope, NOT me.

Especially since I have joined the weight loss support group spoken of in my last post. 

I wouldn’t do that. 



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6 responses to “Not Me! Monday

  1. Dreama

    We love you Julie!!!

  2. Kari

    Ha ha!! That is too funny!!

  3. Jennifer

    lol..and the BLT, cheese tots, and lime slush did NOT have anything unhealthy even remotely related to it…I’m sure it did NOT. 🙂 Love YOU!!

  4. That is too funny…i gave her my number too, but she has only called once. I guess you are more likeable…or maybe she will just calling until you answer your phone?
    I’m praying for you…and is there another slice of that chocolate pie…Dreama promised me a piece, but I haven’t received it yet.

  5. why won’t my link work?

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