Not Me! Monday (On Wednesday)



Following Leslie’s lead, this is “Not Me! Monday” — (the Wednesday version).

I’ve NOT done this before, so here goes:

I have NOT just gone through a really crazy few days.  Certainly NOT brought on by what “Dr. Google” says might be PMDD, or NOT EVEN for the fact that I’m now officially over 40, but could instead be the release of mega amounts of hormones trying to get those 40+ year old eggs to ovulate once a month.   Which, by the way, the eggs are saying “NOT!” to the hormones, and it is NOT causing a ridiculous response making me NOT the sweet, pleasant wife and mother I am NOT usually, but rather the “Monster Mommy” version that did NOT attack EACH AND EVERY MEMBER OF MY FAMILY this week!

I did NOT dwell on feelings of worthlessness, despair, and would NEVER think that EACH AND EVERY MEMBER OF MY FAMILY does not love me anymore!

I did NOT spend 3 hours at the computer searching to find out what was going on with me.

I did NOT relish the thought of NOT paying a $35 copay to consult with a real doctor while comparing my symptoms to millions of other internet users.

And I did NOT come up with my own diagnosis.

This post (journaling during times of distress) is NOT a means of dealing with my newfound disorder as recommended by Dr. Google.

I will NOT consider starting calcium supplements as also recommended by Dr. Google.

Worst of all, during this time, I did NOT seek the scriptures for comfort 😦

Until today, I did NOT apologize to the family.  (I’m NOT VERY, VERY SORRY)

I can’t believe that I did NOT make my husband wonder why he ever married me.

I certainly hope that my family will NOT continue loving me, NOT forgive my horrible reaction, and NOT try to understand that I am vulnerable between the 8th and 11th of every month. 

Most likely, I will NOT EVER be this way again!?

I also did NOT join a weightloss support group this week while sitting here and NOT eating a chocolate pop-tart and hot chocolate for breakfast!

Chocolate does NOT make me feel better ….  Ok, well that was stretching it a bit…


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2 responses to “Not Me! Monday (On Wednesday)

  1. Dreama

    I see your posting for real now!! Yeah!! LOL!!!

  2. LOL. Okay, I’m laughing WITH you – not at you!

    Not-Me Monday’s are fun, aren’t they? I call it Confession for Baptists. 😉

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