She Gets It From Her Dad.

Ok….so I get up this morning, turn on the computer, sign in to instant messenger, and this message pops up:

sent 4/24/2008 1:12 AM:

Ok im layin in bed and everyone is asleep and i dnt think the computers even on but i was just seein if youd get this 🙂



My thought at this point……”Awwww, my daughter is thinking of me in the middle of the night!”

I read on…


sent 4/24/2008 1:12 AM:

Its 1 in tha mornin and i cant sleep cha cha cha


sent 4/24/2008 1:14 AM:

On a more serious note….kenya just talked in her sleep


sent 4/24/2008 1:14 AM:

So did craig when i was in the bathroom earlier



Then…..ta daaaaaa….this BIG announcement:


sent 4/24/2008 1:15 AM:

Im gettin up early tomoro…like be impresssed



(It’s 9:00 AM right now — she’s still asleep.)


sent 4/24/2008 1:15 AM:




What does that mean?  Is she ordering breakfast?!

Then, there’s this:


sent 4/24/2008 1:17 AM:

So …..wat are you doin friday Nite? Cuz i mean we could go catch a movie?…if not thats cool im just sayin…you no…if your not doin anything and


sent 4/24/2008 1:18 AM:

Im not then why not meet up and eat some spaghetti and watch a film?


sent 4/24/2008 1:18 AM:

I mean no pressure.just let me know if you want to. Or dont i mean its up to you really.



Um…..WOW!  She’s thinking of me in the middle of the night AND she’s inviting me out to a movie and dinner?!!  —Some Mom and daughter time?!  (Getting excited)  WOW!

Unfortunately, the next several messages begin to slowly evolve into more conversation about the plan, but I quickly realize that she is “pulling my leg” and is pretending to be talking to someone else 😦  Very funny.  Verrrrry funny.


sent 4/24/2008 1:22 AM:

Hmmmm…well then. Thats awkward.



Yeah….very funny.

Then, if you can imagine, it gets “better”…more random comments:


sent 4/24/2008 1:23 AM:



sent 4/24/2008 1:25 AM:

Ha you thought i wasnt gonna text anymore…WELL THINK AGAIN AQUAMAN


sent 4/24/2008 1:27 AM:

You know what would be funny?


sent 4/24/2008 1:27 AM:

Idk im askin you..


sent 4/24/2008 1:29 AM:

Im jus livin the thuug life poppin the my mouf lookin sumthin like a disco feeln so jus get that dirt off ya shoulda 


sent 4/24/2008 1:31 AM:

Walk it out …wah bruh yuh yuh yuh dis is da way


sent 4/24/2008 1:31 AM:

Yea and i have no idea wat any of that meant…i tryed to hard



 Um…pray for us y’all.  Is this the first sign of multiple personality disorder?  Does it start with text messaging?  “Rapper” then “Valley Girl”:   


sent 4/24/2008 1:33 AM:

SO ANA WAY there i was like there just like Idk like omg like gosh i dnt even know but like he like just blew me off like ugh



Getting near the end….she realizes that she is laying on a flat board:


sent 4/24/2008 1:34 AM:

Idk but someday im gonna find that hole in this airmattress cuz its already halfway deflated



(There’s a story behind this.  When she came home from college, I tried to get her to buy a real mattress, but she wanted the fancy blow up version from Wal-Mart instead.  Since then, a hole has appeared and she has been unable to find it. 

She should have listened to her Mom, huh?!! )

It goes on:


sent 4/24/2008 1:36 AM:

Ya i just realized why i wasnt bein able to sleep! My fan was off! I turned it on no worries now those molecules arent stuffin my face 



Read her air molecule theory here.

Apparently at this point, the fan goes on, she can breathe and gets all excited:


sent 4/24/2008 1:37 AM:



sent 4/24/2008 1:38 AM:

Put the phone on the hook! I sed…put the phone on the hook liddle girl.stop poppin that gum liddle girl.stop poppin that gum.


sent 4/24/2008 1:39 AM:

Call de po po!


sent 4/24/2008 1:41 AM:



sent 4/24/2008 1:42 AM:

i feel good.



Whew!  I feel a little better now.  Maybe it’s not multiple personalities.  It’s just “Lack of Oxygen”.  Somebody remind me to get her another fan, please.

Last message:

 sent 4/24/2008 1:43 AM:

Hi mom. (if your even getting this i dont even know)




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10 responses to “She Gets It From Her Dad.

  1. Wow….I always knew she was adopted.

    She’s 19 now…you can break the news to her.



    Mom…you are pretty ULGY 🙂

  3. This is explaining ALOT…now I understand. Have ya’ll ever thought about installing an attic fan??? BIGGER fan might move those air molecules around better.

  4. haha dreama…or one of those hurricane fans they used to put in the old central gym because there was no a/c….they’d blow a basketball player into the wall….:P

  5. Kari

    You gotta love Madea!!! Halleluyar! We Baptist. We do a drive by on this place! Thanks for the laugh **pAm** !!

  6. Wow…the whole time i was reading this i was thinking that she was texting you on accident and that perhaps it was a guy she was asking out. Wow…?!
    so are y’all going out?

  7. awwwww…your daughter asked you out on a date!!!! sniff, sniff.

  8. Leslie

    Okay, I am waaaaaaaay out of touch. I don’t even know how to send a text message – and the only thing I understood was the very last message she sent.

    Does that mean I’m officially old??


  9. michael cooper

    did y’all ever go on that date?

  10. Yes, God is…Resurrection and Life but I think this blog is dead and buried. LOL!!! Where are you????

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