Catch Up.

We’re playing “catch up” again around here.  Here’s what’s going on….

  1. My daughter had a birthday…she’s now 21, and I’m just — old.
  2. My four year old defines worship as “when you share your toys, but not your germs” 🙂
  3. The six year old is still in homeschool meltdown stage.  Thanks to all our wonderful friends who gave me ideas to handle this situation.  I’ll keep you posted.
  4. I’ve been trying to be more frugal (although we ate out too much this past week and weekend).  I’m clipping some coupons and taking advantage of store specials and advertisements.  It’s taking some work, but getting easier and faster.  I’m saving a bundle!  —even started a “Couponairres Club” where some friends and I meet to swap coupons, fellowship, share frugal ideas, and help each other cut back on expenses.  We’ve all agreed that this could be a ministry to others by inviting more to join.  At one store today, I spent $8.07 out of pocket, received $51.36 in products, and was given $14.00 back.  That’s a net gain of $57.29!  Not bad for a day’s savings, huh?!!
  5. Postings about my personal study of Acts is slowing only because we are also studying it at Cornerstone.  My executive decision today is to jump ahead to the 9th chapter this week so that I can study before lifegroup meets and the sermon is given.  I really like reading, listening to what the Holy Spirit says, studying commentaries and then posting my thoughts before lifegroup meets.  It enables me to compare my thoughts and resolve about the chapter to what is shared later.   Maybe I should just go by the plan Cornerstone is following instead of chapter by chapter?  Still thinking this through…
  6. Had an opportunity on Thursday to take the boys to a pipe organ and vocal recital.  Contrary to some who thought it was weird we were actually excited about doing this, the kids had a great time!  We took a few minutes to do a brief overview of how a pipe organ works, and looking up pictures of different organs.  Before the recital, they even received a more detailed explanation and some “hands on” as they were allowed to sit and play at the organ.  Vocalists sung in English, German, French and Latin.  Their favorite song…..”I Talk To The Trees” by Frederick Loewe from the musical Paint Your Wagon.  The boys thought it especially funny that someone would want to talk to trees!!  lol  (So much for cultural experiences!)
  7. Took another special day on Friday to pick fresh strawberries.  The weather was perfect, and strawberries were plentiful.  We picked for  a while, stopped to eat several pounds of them on site (?!), and then picked some more before we left.  The boys had a great time and it was a good opportunity for them to experience farm life.  We also enjoyed the beautiful wildflowers growing along the roadside as well as their first up-close view of a dam.  The water was flowing out of two places on the dam and ducks and other birds were very near as we drove by. 
  8. My computer was infected by a trojan horse virus last week.  Special thanks to Mike and Buddy for looking at it.  Thankfully, we were able to reload the files it took out and did not lose anything.  Needless to say, our virus protection is updated and fully in force now, and I’m spending some time this week copying family photos and files onto disks just in case this were to ever happen again.
  9. Have I told you that God is just good?  He is so faithful and wonderful to continue enveloping us in love and care and provision.  Every day — every. day.  He shows me in a new way that I am not alone.  Even in my “down” times, He gently lifts me up and cradles my fears and concerns.  I am reminded even at this moment to give Him praise and honor in my day.  Prayerfully, you are experiencing that today too 🙂 
  10. Today’s praise:  I just overheard the six year old telling the four year old that he wasn’t going to disobey today.  He was going to be good and “obey Mom”! (Yes!  Hallelujah!!)  Guess I had better go take advantage of the moment……..

…Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s off to school we go!



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4 responses to “Catch Up.

  1. You really need to teach me how to be “frugal”!!!

  2. Hope you’ve been able to get caught up some. If so, can you share with me what that’s like?! LOL!!

    Hey,I was tagged for a meme earlier today, and now I’d like to tag you! If you’re interested in participating, the rules are posted on my blog.

  3. Hi Julie!
    Frugal I am familiar with, but all caught up on anything? Getting further and farther behind every day seems more like it! 😦

    Had to laugh at the text post as it has become the way most young people converse and is increasingly how our our family communicates, even Richard and I.

    How times change. 🙂

    Glad to read the latest though I’d like to hear even more, and I pray that all is well down there in Texas!

    Much love to you in Jesus,


  4. I think your four year old needs to be around my 7 year old. 🙂
    I love picking strawberries. We only get to do that if we are on vacation 😦


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