Resurrection Cookies.

Here we are arriving on the eve of the celebration of the most significant day in history, and I’m realizing that I haven’t even spent time preparing the boys for it!  The six year old has forgotten what Easter is all about, as we found out yesterday.  {{{shame, shame….shaking my head and a big “duh” moment }}}  We’ve discussed it before, and just as I assume that the lesson has sunk in, the next year he forgets.

Wow.  What kind of Christian parent am I?  Do I only talk about the Resurrection in the spring of each year?  Note to self:  I should be audibly focusing on it more throughout the year.

Here I’m homeschooling because of all the anti-Christian things he would have to experience in public school, and I haven’t even placed emphasis on the Resurrection enough for him to remember it from year to year?!  {{hit myself on the head}}

It just serves as a reminder to me that we must constantly focus on our faith being real.  Not just on all the “stories” in the bible, but to show our children that Jesus is living and breathing still today. 

I’m “putting my foot down” with a big stomp…….STOP all the craziness!  Put down the tv remote!  Put away the toys!  Don’t anyone in my family breathe until we’ve visited the importance of this day once again!  Don’t. Even. Blog!!! {{{gasp!!}}}

The Resurrection is the very “meat” of our faith.  Jesus is alive!

We’re making Resurrection Cookies tonight.  The recipe is here

All praise to God, our Father, who presented Himself in the form of man, endured the punishment for our sin on the cross, died and rose again, and Who lives in Heaven even now, loving us in spite of our sin, and making a way for us to be reconciled to Him again.  He is alive!  Thank you Jesus!  You are truly alive!



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5 responses to “Resurrection Cookies.

  1. I found this recipe last year in a devotional I was reading but not soon enough to make it for Easter. This year, we are doing it in our Sunday School class, but I had to make a batch of it tonight too, so I have the finished product, because we wouldn’t have time enough to do that part in class. Hope your kids enjoy it, and may you and your family have a wonderful Easter.



  2. bigdaddymac

    Hey I hope all is better round your place, we missed you guys at game day and the egg hunt. Take care and God Bless yall, Mr. Jim

  3. Julie

    Hi Carol!

    How did your cookies turn out? Mine didn’t 😦 I have no idea what I did wrong…followed the instructions and everything, but couldn’t get the meringue to peak?

    The family time was good, though. The six year old really got into the story of the Resurrection. One daughter read the scripture passages, while the other demonstrated pictures of the cross, a tomb,etc.

    The four year old lost interest about mid-way through. He said, “This is borrrrrinn..” ?! I think it was just longer than his attention span, though, and not that he wasn’t really interested!

    Hope you had a great Easter 🙂
    Many blessings,


  4. Julie

    Hi Jimmy,

    Missed ya’ll too. Maybe God will bless us with good health around here for a while so we can come out of hiding!!

    So glad to hear of all that He is doing at Purtis Creek. We love everyone there.

    Have a great week,


  5. Hi Julie,

    I sampled one of the cookies in the morning when I got up, and it didn’t seem like it was done. I decided to try cooking them longer, so I heated the oven to 300 and left them in for about an hour. Then, they were fine. The cookies taste good, but if you smelly them, they stink because of the vinegar in them. Our Sunday School kids seemed to enjoy the lesson.

    After service, a couple from our church came over along with my sister and her family, my mom and my older brother.(they live about an hour away)We had a nice Easter dinner and a good time of fellowship afterward. Hope your Easter was equally blessed.

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