The Cough Became The Croup.

Well, let me just say that the cough syrup didn’t work.

We’ve just returned from a(nother) trip to the emergency room.  Brett decided to scare us for the “umpteenth” time in his four year life.  His cough got progressively worse throughout the day and by the late afternoon, he began retracting in his rib cage.  There was audible weezing, uncontrollable cough, complete loss of voice, and much stridor.  So we packed him up and deciding to try and save some money, headed for a new “after hours” care clinic in Kaufman, instead of the hospital.

His coughing and symptoms improved from the time we got out of the car and sat in the waiting room for a few minutes.  However, after being in the examination room, he quickly regressed back into coughing.  I think he scared even the nurse that was attending him.  The P.A. actually picked him up and took him to their freezer, holding his head in it for a while so he could breathe.  (Cold air helps.)

Shortly after that, I hear the word “ambulance” and “hospital” in one sentence, and decide that it was definately the right decision to get him some help.

Since the hospital was just across the way, I opted to drive him there myself, met Dad in the parking lot, and then was met with open arms as we entered the ER.  They didn’t even hesitate, asked if it was him (because the clinic had already called), and took him straight to the back for help.

I had no idea that croup was so dangerous?!  We’ve dealt with very minor cases before, but I really had no idea that it could be life threatening like this. 

Apparently, croup causes swelling in the throat around the vocal chords and can actually shut off a child’s airway.  Characterized by a “barking” cough, it is a virus that can quickly cause major, major problems.  Wow.  I just did not realize.

It almost felt similar to what an allergic reaction must be, especially since they ended up giving him epinephrine to reduce the swelling.  The doctor told me it was like he was breathing through a straw.

Thankfully, the treatment worked almost immediately and he began feeling better.  He had a small reaction to the epinephrine — it made his lips turn patchy white, but the doctor said that will go away.

If you have a child, particularly under 5, and have not taken the time to research symptoms of croup, please read this article (click here). 

We are living testimonies that it could save a life. 

…and I give all the praise and glory to God who continually protects and heals our Brett.


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12 responses to “The Cough Became The Croup.

  1. heaintthroughwithmeyet

    Hi Julie,

    Croup very dangerous.

    My uncle was 3 years old when he got croup and it was in the middle of a bombing in WWII.
    My grandma was in a bombshelter and couldn’t get back out or see a doctor, and her son (my uncle) died in her arms.

    My cousin who was 4 also had group but the quick response from my aunt and great doctors kept him alive.

    This is some real serious stuff!!!

    Glad your baby got to the hospital when he did!

    God Bless

  2. sillyspring

    oh, poor baby. 😦
    will be praying.
    anybody talk about a nebulizer treatment, julie? all of our guys go on xopenex at the first sign. just a thought.
    take care.

  3. Julie

    Andrea – That story about your uncle just gave me chills, and makes me even more grateful for the care we received last night. I’ll be honest, the next time he starts “barking”, I’ll probably just head on out the door to the dr immediately. It scared me pretty bad.

    By the way, I read your post about the court hearing….praying for God’s provision and protection for you as you deal with the process in April.

    Many blessings,


  4. Julie


    Yes, we have a nebulizer, and I tried albuterol, but it didn’t phase the cough. Our pulmicort prescription expired during his first time of wellness in two years (yeah!) — probably need to try and get it refilled.

    Thank you for the prayers.

  5. Wow, I had no idea either, Julie. That sounds so scary–I was feeling that mother instinct and that impulse to do something!! We’ve had a couple of harrowing incidences, but not with croup. Thank the Lord that your Brett is o.k.!!

    God Bless you, Julie!

  6. I’m glad that Brett is doing better today. God is so good to protect our little ones.

    P.s. Hey, Buddy took out $20 to pay you back 2 Sundays ago and informed me today that he never paid you 😦 Sorry, I owe you $20!

  7. I didn’t realize that kids still got the “croup”. You never hear about that anymore. Michael would always get that when he was a little guy, I just didn’t realize how DANGEROUS it was. Praying for Brett!!!

  8. Gwendylan

    Hello, my son has recently been battling with croup and it has been a scary ride with a few urgent care and ER visits. He still uses a nebulizer, and the prednizone steroids. My son it 14 months old and I started using a baby monitor again.
    I wake up every morning at 2 am and give him the breathing treatment (xopenex)
    My son was born premature but I forget that so often my son was born a month early and still weighed 7lbs 7oz he weighs 25 pounds at 14 months. He weighs almost as much as my three year old.

    When he was born the Doctors said that he might have breathing problems but they cleared him of that the next day!

    So anyway I am scared all of the time for him!

  9. Dawn

    My son struggles with croup as well. He is 8.5 months old now, and in November was in the ER several times, with a final trip by helicopter to the pediatric intensive care unit where he was placed on a ventilator. He was home in five days and doing well again, however, he had one overnight stay at the hopsital again in December and tonight has started the barking cough all over again. We have steroids at home in case he starts the croup sounds but they suppress his immune system so then he gets sick easier and the cycle starts all over again. I am so tired and frustrated and just want him to be okay. I am a single Mom and as with any Mom that has a child with breathing problems, you do NOT sleep at night… every little sound, every little cough and you are running to the crib. Does anyone have any suggestions beyond the cool mist humidifiers (which he has by his head all of the time) the shower steam, cold air, etc etc that could help him?

  10. Shannon

    I’m going to be up a lot tonight-my three year old daughter has brutal attacks of croup about once every 3-4 weeks-I saw today’s coming, and sure enough she is in bed coughing. My older daughter had this as well, and it was scary, and she got it off and on over a few years, but my three year old gets hit so hard. I have sat on the porch for hours in the cold to keep color in her cheeks. We go to a doctor who swings on the side of natural medicine-on our last visit he tried to tell me all the things that help, like cold air, steam, etc. I had to tell him nicly that I’m well versed, but I need something in my home arsenal that I can struggle with rather than struggle over whether or not to go to the ER. (We don’t have med. insurance, and in general, if I can keep a kid out of the ER I do so for many reasons, like stress, germs, overly aggressive care, etc.)

    So he prescribed a medication that had to be hand ground by our pharmacist-Cortisol, 20MG/5ML. It is a naturally occurring steroid already found in your system, and it is less aggressive than other steroids. He also prescribed Xopenex with a nebulizor, although I have not used that yet.

    I have seen some improvement with the addition of the Cortisol. It is not a miracle cure by any means, but it seems to cut the time of an attack down, which keeps her from getting to the scary blue lips stage. Cold air is still key. I also wanted to share some other tips from a holistic approach. Cut out all dairy and even soy milks products around any period of illness. I switched to raw cow’s milk years ago, but our doctor pulled her off of even that when she is sick. Almond milk is totally fine and it turns out that she loves it. Our doctor said a sip or two of coke is good during an attack. The sugar is soothing and the caffeine helps to open airways. (If you can get coke from Mexico it is made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup, but we are talking a sip or two, not a lifelong habit!) There is a tea from Traditional medicines called Breathe Easy-my kids love it with honey, or if honey scares you (asthma) use sugar.
    I feel for you guys out there-keep calm for your child, have a coat ready for you and a blanket for your child for cold nights outside, and lets hope they grow out of this already!

  11. lacy

    I just found out my 10 week old son has croup. he has a horrible cough and was born with breathing problems. im not gonna be able to sleep at night scared that he isnt gonna be able to breath. taking him to the doc tomorrow. wish him luck.

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