I’ve Been Blogjacked.

Ok.  Apparently, SOMEONE (Kenya) has stolen my password and hijacked my blog while I was away.  I come home tonight after a night out with the girls, and find that I’ve received all kinds of comments on a new post that was done while I was away??!!!!!

For the OFFICIAL RECORD, the post entitled, “Apology and Sincere Regret” was NOT authored by me!

My wayward eldest daughter has decided to increase her sin load and write, posing as me.  It is unbelievable what some people will do these days to mask their sin!!!  At least I make it known when I “borrow someone else’s password to make a post.

My sin is still smaller than hers. 😉

I’m sorry you all had to be unknowing participants in her rebellion.  I think I’ll go have another M&M.



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4 responses to “I’ve Been Blogjacked.

  1. Shame on that Eldest daughter!! What happened to honor your mother???? Oh and father????

  2. sillyspring

    That has got to be the funnies thing I have read yet in a blog, julie!!!!!! You know, I did the same thing to one of my sisters a few years back by sending out an email in her name to everyone. I still laugh hard enough to put diet coke up my nose when I think about it. Your daughter sounds like a wonderfully silly sinner. 😉 Good job with her! Spank her when you get your hands on her! God bless!

  3. See I’m not the only one that does it….maybe it wasn’t a sin…you LEFT your blog logged in…it’s like leaving the candy bar out for someone to eat!

    Beware…I will always seek revenge Mom…you better surrender now!! 🙂

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