Live! The …..(huh)?


I apologize….you might have to speak up, I can’t seem to hear much.  You see, I just returned from spending 5 hours at a concert.  My ears are still ringing.

I was made fun of, however, because I brought ear plugs.  The whole family went, along with friends, to the KLTY Celebrate Family Concert in Garland, Texas last night.  Several artists appeared, and expecting loudness, I pre-thought to purchase the ear plugs. 

My two sons had never attended a concert before, and because I knew the youngest was especially sensitive to loud noises, I thought the ear plugs were a good idea.

Because of this, the eldest daughter decided right off the bat that I am officially “old”.

The funniest and best part, however, was when the announcer made a special point to say that those of us who had brought ear plugs shouldn’t worry, because ear plugs were COOL!!!  (Take that, daughter!!) Oh yeah, I still got it 🙂

There are other great stories about the concert, but first I must take a moment to reflect and repent.  You see, I sinned.  I. smuggled. a. package. of ……..M&M’s into the concert…………..there!   I said it.  I sinned.  The sign said, “no outside food or beverages”, and I slipped an extra large “Tear and Share” package of peanut M&M’s into my purse before entering the building. 

The eldest daughter, again, pointed out my sin not believing that I would be so bold.  She pointed it out countless times, even separating from me as we entered the door.  By that time, I was rethinking the whole plan, but alas it was too late!  I had entered the “skeleton” zone — the big X-Ray’ola machine.  I just knew that inbetween my billfold, keys, sunglasses, and inhaler, the machine would pick up little circular shaped objects (chocolate candies) containing yet another circular shape (peanut), and immediately escort me to the waiting policemen just beyond the entry way. 

Beads of sweat.  Anxious thoughts. “What now?”  “It’s too late to back out.” 

“Must. Go. On.” 

So, I swallowed hard and proceeded through the line breathing a huge sign of relief when the charade had been complete.

Once we found our seats, I ripped open the package, poured M&M’s on the little hands of my four and six year olds, shared some with friends, and even with …(Are you ready for this?)…….THE ELDEST DAUGHTER!!!!!!  hmmmm…..what was that you were pointing out to me, oh daughter?  Would that be MY faults, My sin?  Or…..couldst that thou be the sin of your ownst self? lol

By the way, the concert was great…….aLOT LOUD (especially that last performer), but still good.  My favorite was Laura Story and the percussion section of Caedmon’s Call.

The four year old ended up taking a nap in the middle of the concert (with his…um…EAR PLUGS in!! haha).  The six year old danced in the aisles for pretty much forever, then drummed on the back of the chairs with empty water bottles.  The eldest daughter realized the error of her own ways and let go of the M&M issue.  The youngest daughter actually admitted that the last band was ridiculously loud (and seriously could not have been pleasing to God).  Mom and Dad just enjoyed a night out with the whole family. 

Thanks, KLTY, and to all the concert sponsors for a much needed family fun night!



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4 responses to “Live! The …..(huh)?

  1. tracimac

    Maybe the “Eldest” was jealous that you didn’t bring her any earplugs?! 🙂

  2. I like listening to KLTY and KVTT both, of course, in Dallas. Glad you had a great time — even with the much loved ear plugs & M&Ms (albeit smuggled)! 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you guys had a good time!! Apparently Nancy Sapp went to the concert too. She blogged about talking to one of the members.
    The “Eldest” needs to know that some people have “sensitive” ears, no matter what their age is, LOL!!! Just wait, her time is coming! 🙂

  4. Jessica


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