Time Saver?


Your friendly reminder:  Don’t forget to move the clock forward one hour tomorrow night! 

Why is it called Daylight SAVINGS time, when we have to lose one hour?   I mean, I know the “more daylight” thing, but really it just doesn’t seem fair that we have to give up an hour to get an hour?  Go figure?!



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4 responses to “Time Saver?

  1. I completely forgot about that. Thank you!!!

    Ugh, we lose an hour??? Not thrilled about that one.


  2. Mike

    If it’s daylight SAVINGS time shouldn’t it get dark sooner so we actually save some daylight??….

  3. Now…no one has an excuse to be late for church!!! Cute Idea!!

  4. Wow…thus starts the time of year that I get out in the garden at the end of the day and because it is still so light, I forget to go inside and cook dinner before Buddy rolls into the driveway. (Not good) Hello Subway!

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