Rising Again.

Whew!  We’re back!  It’s been a long vacation, but well worth the visit.  Refocusing on priorities, revisiting purpose, and spending some much needed time with family — a break worth taking!!

 I’m so glad that you all have given me grace to be gone for a while.  Thank you for the encouragement to return to blogging. 

I promise to take down the Christmas decorations soon, redecorate, and return to some inspiring (and some not-so-inspiring!) written words.  However, until then, I leave you with a link to one of my favorite praise bands, Common Saints. 

(Click Here)

….or (Here)…

…wow, it’s not working?!…..

Ok, try (Here)…..

or, (HERE).


Sorry, I can’t find the link 😦  It was working before I went on vacation….I don’t know what happened to it?

But here’s a good site. (Click Here) 


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3 responses to “Rising Again.

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  2. Well, it’s about time!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  3. YEA!!!!!!!

    I can hardly wait to come back later on when I have more time to say hi properly; I have missed you Julie!

    Lot’s of love to you!


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