Praise the Lord Anyhow.

I have a coffee cup with a Precious Moments picture of a girl sitting at a desk.  There are mounds of paper and bills all around her, and it is obvious that she’s in “over her head”. 

The caption on the cup says, “Praise the Lord Anyhow”, though — a reminder to acknowledge God’s hand in all her troubles.  –Sort of a “pre-Praise” for the good that is going to come out of it all.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8:28

It is a strange, yet comforting moment when we can give credit to our Creator for work done in the midst of trial.  As we, by all worldly standards, seem defeated and without hope, God is still there orchestrating every move….every part of our bodies, every piece of the weary puzzle.   

As my family is facing hurdles right now, I just want to stop and thank God for His continual love.  Two days of crying out to Him for understanding and wisdom left me in a place of this “illogical praise” yesterday.  It’s illogical, because the worldly side of me would have never seen good in any part of our trial.  It doesn’t make sense, humanly speaking, to see good in so much bad. 

However, God has comforted me and placed me in a position to see above defeat, to truly experience His all-powerful presence.

So….I’m declaring the Victor of all our recent trials!  God will be with us as we continue to sort it all out over the next several weeks.  Whatever happens, and even in times where it seems like it’s the “end of the world”, God is still in control…

…and I’m going to PRAISE HIM ANYHOW!


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One response to “Praise the Lord Anyhow.

  1. Julie, I truly can relate!
    Gods ways are higher than our own and yet, as His children His ways become our own as we walk with Him through this life. Sometimes that spills over in “illogical praise”, which I am certain blesses His heart more than when the going is good and the way before us smooth and clear.

    Keep praising our precious and wonderful Lord, and it WILL bring breakthroughs!

    I love you Julie, and pray the Lords blessing and comfort to your heart. The enemy is ruthless, but we serve a God who is SO much greater than he, and by His grace we will overcome and prevail!

    Be of good courage, the LORD is with thee, oh mighty woman of valor!

    Standing beside you in the heat of the battle,


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