Is This What I Look Like?

Wow.  I am truly pondering life at the moment.  We opened our 2007 Christmas ornaments Monday night. 

Usually, Kenneth and I pick them out for everyone, however this year we let the girls pick out each other’s, and also our own. 

Typically, the ornament chosen is supposed to reflect something about the person’s character, or events that happened during the year.

So…I was horrified to find this when it was my turn to open the ornament:


Hmmmm…….they said it was a joke.  Verrrrrrrryyyy Funnnnnnyyy Girls!!!!!  Very. Funny.

Both of the boys received Nascar ornaments.  They are really into hot wheels now, and particularly cars with numbers on the side of them.  They have even recently taken markers and added numbers to all of their toy cars.  Varoooooooom!

The youngest sister is known throughout history for her special….well,….umm…..let’s say “ability” to burp the entire chorus of “Jingle Bells”.  So….this was her ornament:


Dad has always dreamed of flying an airplane.  Consequently…..


Finally, the younger sister thoroughly enjoyed presenting the older sister with her version of the “Ultimate Christmas Ornament”:


A GI-NORMOUS icicle.  I’ve already had to explain what it is to one visitor to our house.  (Did I mention that it was BIG?!)  This should be an interesting year!!


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6 responses to “Is This What I Look Like?

  1. Gina

    That is one HUGE ornament!! LOL. HAHAHAHAHA

  2. A big icicle for the big sister…WOW!!!

  3. Linda

    I thought it was only OUR kids that did things like that!

  4. Oh my, that IS a big ornament! 😀

  5. Julie

    Gina and Linda – Welcome! Glad you came by and commented! Stop by again 🙂

  6. I like the idea of picking out ornaments that fit with the personalities. My son would love the redneck ornament, and he could probably burp Jingle Bells if hard pressed. 🙂

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