Our Thankful List.

Over the last month,our devotionals included an opportunity for the boys to name things for which they are thankful.  Since it is the “official” week of Thanksgiving, I thought I would share their lists with you…

Four Year Old:

  1. My stomach so I can put food in it.
  2. My family cause they love me.
  3. My toys.
  4. Texas egg hunts. (?!)
  5. My eyes so I can see.
  6. My Daddy cause he loves me.
  7. Jesus told me to do school in “that” book this day and learn about skin and my body and pookie.
  8. The sky.
  9. Making walls with blocks.
  10. Kenya – she can make anything, even race cars and pirates.
  11. Rainbows.
  12. Candy.
  13. Rescue Heroes.
  14. Jesus on the farm.
  15. The whole wide world.
  16. Numbers.
  17. Poodles.
  18. The letter “H”.
  19. Sunny days.
  20. “Cresiation” (creation)
  21. Will’s hat.
  22. Shaker cup.
  23. Fire trucks.
  24. Coloring books.
  25. Hot dogs.
  26. The ceiling fan.
  27. A lamb.
  28. My two pencils.
  29. Eggs.
  30. Erasers.
  31. Mom.
  32. Houseshoes.
  33. Coke.
  34. A boot.

Five year old:

  1. My eyeballs so I can see.
  2. That my family is Christians.
  3. Our roof that it keeps water out.
  4. Our town’s water tower.
  5. My bones so I can move.
  6. My Dad – he’s smart and teaches me stuff.
  7. That I get to learn about God and things I don’t see in the future and in public and the solar system.
  8. That it’s not raining.
  9. That I have good toys.
  10. My sisters are Christians and they don’t get bad toys or Pokemon.
  11. Good stuff we like to eat like tomatoes, “pasghetti”, onions, and okra.
  12. My special family.
  13. Our home.
  14. Having a good day today.
  15. Water to drink.
  16. Air to breathe.
  17. Numbers to count how old we are.
  18. We’re starting out with a good day.
  19. It’s getting warmer.
  20. Our car.
  21. Living creatures in the sea.
  22. Fish to eat so our brain doesn’t get smaller and we can think.
  23. For God who understands me.
  24. I have grown legs and I can do stuff that’s hard.
  25. God changed my bad attitude into a good attitude.
  26. I’m big enough to get my own breakfast.
  27. God changed my attitude last night.
  28. That I finally know what the Trinity is.
  29. My Mom spends time with me.
  30. My good attitude right now.
  31. Julia’s coming over today.
  32. My teacher.
  33. My Mom taught me how to know the date.
  34. Kisses from Mom.
  35. Mom loves me always.
  36. Adam & Eve were part of my family.
  37. I have a good family.

What are you thankful for?  

By the way….I’m thankful for each one of you! 



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7 responses to “Our Thankful List.

  1. I am pretty good at making race cars and pirates and no…i don’t buy pokemon. 🙂

  2. I’m thankful that you decided not to retire from blogging!! 🙂

  3. I’m thankful that He gave me another day to do His will on earth.

  4. Kari

    Tell Craig that Julia is thankful for him too!

  5. bigdaddymac

    hey i am thankfull for frinds like you and your family

  6. bigdaddymac

    Oops, better do it right or Traci will get on to me. I am thankfull for you and your family. WE love yall

  7. Kari

    Happy Thanksgiving Black family!!!

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