Total Randomness.

For this post, I have decided to follow a friend’s blog technique and just post totally random news and thoughts.  While rather light on the creative scale, and I’m sure a little unenlightening, I hope you will enjoy seeing what goes on inside my head…(oooh, scary!)

  1. I dreamed about someone chasing me last night.  All night.  All. Night.  It makes me think of the time that I “fought” the Russian military in the middle of our town’s streets.  Yes, I do this often.  My husband makes fun of me!
  2. Did I spell the past tense of dream correctly on #1?  Maybe it should be “dreamt”?  I don’t know?
  3. I now belong to an elite group of people “enjoying” the diagnosis of asthma!  While I’m not necessarily excited about it, it does explain alot as to why I’ve been struggling with illness so much.  As a result of the diagnosis, I have discovered the need to buy a bigger purse — one to carry all my regular stuff, AND my new “rescue” inhaler!  All I need is a “help-I’ve-fallen-and-I-can’t-get-up” necklace to wear around my neck, and I’ll be set!
  4.  My kindergartner son does not believe the part in the bible where the donkey talked!  Even with our attempts at supporting the truth with “Mr Ed” movies, he still refuses to believe the inerrancy of the bible on such matters!
  5. A new frugal discovery….if you turn off your air conditioner, the electric bill goes down!  (Woo hoo!)
  6. Some guy missed the turn to a street in front of our house tonight, and his truck landed on it’s side in the ditch.  He wasn’t hurt, but was so embarrassed that he asked my husband to please explain to the policeman that he wasn’t the only person to miss that turn!  (We’ve seen two so far.)
  7. My recent doctor’s visit revealed that I am nine pounds heavier than I was at nine months pregnant with the kindergartner.  Hmmm…..
  8. Is it bad when your husband asks to move the television out to the carport so he can watch the Dallas Cowboys game AND play basketball with the five-year old?
  9. I wonder what Dreama’s going to post about on Wednesday night of this week?
  10.  Speaking of Dreama, I think loving paybacks are due:  (for explanation, click here)  

dreama.jpg  (We all wanted Dreama’s hair…she had the best “wings”!)

dreama-2.jpg   “Gone with the Wind” Dreama

dreama-3-2.jpg  I forgot she signed my yearbook alot!

dreama-4.jpg  Is this Amanda, or what?!! 

(Love you, Dreama!!)


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4 responses to “Total Randomness.

  1. ‘I have decided to follow a friend’s blog technique and just post totally random news and thoughts. While rather light on the creative scale, and I’m sure a little unenlightening,’…
    HEY, I’m still trying to figure out whether your friends and I should take offense!
    I have decided to extend you grace though, and take into consideration that you are now under the influence of mind altering drug. 🙂
    We love you and miss you. We are praying for quicker recoveries.

  2. Julie

    Oh Wow!……Ok, before I become “friendless”….let me just clarify. Sometimes words don’t read as intended when they are typed…(sorry!)

    I was talking about MYSELF when I said, “While rather light on the creative scale, and I’m sure a little unenlightening,”… NOT ANYONE ELSE!!!

    Thanks for the grace, Cherie 🙂

  3. I am glad that you have now been “diagnosed”. We hope Brett is doing well, also. Oh, and remind me NEVER to do anything that requires a payback!!! I remember “wings” like that!!! 🙂
    (And don’t let Ken do anything that requires multiple tasks at one time.)

  4. What are you thinking??? LOL!!! He didn’t believe the donkey story especially with evidence like “Mr. Ed”??? WOW, what kind of inhaler did they give you??? LOL!! You are so funny!! OK, no more pictures, got it!!!! :0

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