Laughing 9.

More “wisdom” from the three year old…

Both of the boys were running through the house (again).  I called them to my room and decided to try and make them think:

Mom:     “I have asked you both to stop running through the house.  Two different times, I have asked you to stop!  You kept running, and now I’ve had to say it again.  What do YOU think I should do now?”

Three Year Old:  “Kill us?”



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4 responses to “Laughing 9.

  1. LOL!!!!!!!! WoW, that sounds like something that would be said at my house!!!

  2. I thought that Kenya was the “mean mom”! 🙂

  3. Kelly

    Oh my goodness…I needed that laugh!

  4. realworldmartha

    I have found your blog on accident and really enjoyed this one. I have two boys and an a Christian stay at home Mom (two part time home jobs aside). I am considering homeschooling my youngest son (6) as he is having many difficulties at school. Please come by my blog if you are ever interested in adding input as it’s a real world Moms blog 🙂

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