Schooling – Week #3

Bible/Character – Rule #2  is “We love, honor, and pray for one another”.  Rule #3 is “We tell the truth”.  Proverbs says that before honor comes humility.  Hmmmm….there’s probably a lesson in there for some of us adults!?

Language Arts – Completed letter “Nn”.  Writing our name in capital and lower case letters really well.  Doing very well with letter sounds, too. Since the start of school, we’ve read 18 books/stories for literature.  During coop today, the kindergartner participated in a writing class where he made an “All About Me” book. 

Math – Starting to move on to harder things.  We’ve mastered shape recognition (circle, triangle, rectangle, square), patterns, and now working on more and less than.  A great introduction to addition and subtraction matching up objects to determine which one has more (or less) than the other.  Today, he took a cumulative review “test” for Chapter Two and aced it!  (Yes!)  What a brain…must be from his Mom, um…I mean, God! lol

Music – We know what fingers to play with, how to sit at the piano, left hand/right hand placement, how to play a soft note, how to play a loud note, what is meant by playing “up” and “down” the piano, where middle “C” is, what a quarter note is and how many beats it gets, recognize bar lines and measures, and count as well as clap in rythm with a metronome the quarter notes in a measure.  He was so excited to play and sing a song using both right and left hands for the first time!

Science – Began the discussion of creation and Genesis 1:1.  To “create” means to make something out of nothing, and only our heavenly Father is able to do that.  We spent a short time talking about the ridiculous notions of the Big Bang theory and evolution — how do you accurately describe these to a five year old?  We won’t dwell on it, but I wanted him to know that there are others in the world who would try to convince him of these “theories” and that they represent a belief which stands against the Word of God.  We hung glow in the dark planets from the ceiling — a set I found at Wal-Mart, believe it or not!  They look really cool in the dark 🙂 

Social Studies – We memorized our address, phone number, and Dad’s work number, worked on completion of our “All About Me” book, and identified the name of our country, state, city, street, house number and zip code. 

Foreign Language – Still memorizing and speaking 5 spanish words from a “High Five” magazine story.  “Buenos dias!  Me llamo Julie!”

Drama/Speech:  “Joseph” wore his coat of many colors (a blanket) before his audience (Mom and brother) to record his life story.  I think we’ll start working on the dramatic flair of his speeches next week — everything is pretty much monotone and secretly says, “I am Joseph, wearing a fleece blanket secured around my waist with a belt, and I can’t believe my Mom is making me do this on camera.”

Art:  Did you know?…Mixing two primary colors creates a Secondary color?  Rhonda, we are thinking of inviting you to art class for a color wheel lesson pretty soon 😉 (j/k)

Technology:  Fluffed this subject this week.  Just let him have computer time with a mathematics software we have.

P.E./Health:  Coop day included P.E. classes and a nutrition class.  Both of the boys had a ball today!  Did I mention that there are 55 children in this coop?!  Wow!

Plans for tomorrow:  Plant some seeds to use for several different subjects.  First, we talked about people planting the seeds, but it is God who makes the plant grow.  Then, we will count and compare the seeds for math.  Once the plants begin to sprout, we will measure them and track their growth each week.  In science, we’ll begin to learn about plants and their different parts, and what’s needed to make a plant grow.  There’s lots of possibilities for this project!

 I promise I’ll try to spare you some of the details of our homeschooling journey in the weeks to come.  If I continue to write weekly novels about it and it’s too much for you, just skip over it and come back to other posts, please!  However, this is a good way for me to chronicle and evaluate our progress.  I am always open to suggestions from each of you, and since this is our first year, feel free to offer (gentle) critique as well!

Thanks for traveling this road with us.  It has really been a joy so far 🙂



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2 responses to “Schooling – Week #3

  1. Julie,

    I was thinking about a project with seeds that I learned in a class teaching how to integrate agriculture into the classroom. Cut off one leg of a pair of panty hose. Drop some bermuda grass seed in the bottom, pour a large enough amount of potting soil to make the stocking into the shape of a head and tie the open end off. Soak the whole thing for about 10 minutes (long enough to get it wet all the way through). Let it dry, then give Craig some of those glue on eyeballs and other facial things to create his “farmer” person. Set the bottom (the part that is tied off) into a Cool Whip bowl that is filled with water. The tail of the little person will soak up the water and provide the irrigation for the seeds in the soil. After a few days, “Mr. Farmer Head” will begin to grow hair. You’ll know if it was a huge success if you see Kenneth wearing a potting soil filled stocking while soaking his head in a bucket of water. Look out for green hair! ; )

  2. Julie

    Thanks Dale. That does sound like a fun project. I’ll try that some time, and if it works, we might try to also find some brown grass seed for Kenneth’s head 😉

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