A Machete, A Kleenex, and Some School

We’re home from the winds of Northwest Texas!  We had a great visit with my daughter and especially enjoyed the treat of watching her college soccer game on Tuesday.

We tried to keep our schooling on schedule, but failed to get it all done due to about 900 miles on the road.  Still, it was educational…the boys got to see lots of fields, crops, and oil wells — something we don’t normally have regular exposure to, and believe it or not,…it actually fit in with Chapter Two of our Math lessons where the setting and manipulatives revolve around fields and planting, etc.   

The family cat has decided that my bedroom needs an exorcism or something!  She is fine on top of my bed, but will NOT stand on the floor without laying her ears down, and crouching low to the ground.  She sniffs and sniffs as though something were under my bed and she refuses to get anywhere near it!

She jumps at the least little noise, and is acting verrrrryyyy weird!  I’m thinking….if it were a mouse or a bug, she wouldn’t be scared.  So….the only assumption that I can make after that is that it is a snake or ?????, —thus my reason for wanting to borrow Cherie’s machete and why I have slept on the couch for the last three nights 😉

We’ve also been home bound and missed our first coop meeting due to the continual West Texas wind we inhaled during our trip.  The three year old has been coughing for two nights, but no seizures as of yet.  (Praise the Lord!) 

My head feels like it is going to split open, and there’s a porcupine in my throat.  –for real….I think.

So…we’re playing catch up this weekend on our school work, wondering if we should move out of our bedroom all together, and keeping the Kleenex company in business. 

Sounds like fun, huh?!



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5 responses to “A Machete, A Kleenex, and Some School

  1. Sounds like you had a blast on the road. I’m sorry everyone is bearing the effects of the west Texas sand and allergens. Hug everyone for me. By the way, thanks for stopping by my space and leaving a comment. To answer your question, yep, that’s hair on my head. I’m glad you enjoyed reading about Dave and Marsha. Everything is true without any exaggeration. I only wish to be as big a blessing to someone as they were to me.

  2. Julie… you are truly gifted at writing… the proof is in your readership! Just look at all those red dots on your map! You should be writing books and getting published! I will buy every book you write!

  3. Kelly

    I wrote you back on my blog, and then came over here to read yours. I hope it’s not a snake…but if it is, this is how Nick caught the one that was in Matt’s bathroom a few months ago. Throw a weight on it. Then scoop it into a bucket. Of course I didn’t know I could scream the way I did every time it moved LOL. I could just see that six foot snake getting loose in the house, and I would have had to move. I tried to send a picture of the one we had in here, but it wouldn’t paste.

  4. Julie

    Dale – Thanks. We’re still hacking and coughing, but slowly improving. Too bad the allergen forecast shows it getting WORSE this weekend?!!

    Rhonda – I can’t figure out if it’s one world traveler reading my blog from all over, or if everyone is just curious?!! Those red dots do have a way of humbling me, though. I just pray God will use this blog for His will and purpose.

    Kelly – The cat finally entered our room yesterday without crouching to the ground. She is still slowly walking through, but at least not as bad as she was. I don’t know if it was a snake? I decided against moving out everything under my bed to check. The old “if you ignore it maybe it will go away” thought is what I hope to be true!!

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