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Who They Think They’d Like To Meet.

Name:  Julie
Age:  Wouldn’t you like to know?!
Status:  Married for 21 years
Education:  Still Learning
Who I’d Like to Meet I have already met:  God

In this techno-savvy age of computers, everyone has a “space”.  Both young and old seem to indulge in this form of communication, and at the height of the information board, the person’s “profile” that lists several things about them.

Name, age, location, education, favorite likes, dislikes, books, and other questions are boldly proclaimed across the world wide web.  There’s been much discussion about the safety concerns, or lack thereof in many cases, of sharing so much with the unknown.  Now, with private “friend” invitations, access can only be allowed to those we  “know”…so the communication waves continue, sharing photos, stories, lists, comments and so on.

In many cases, these web pages are much like blogging, minus the uncontrolled advertising.  However, I have to give a big sarcastic chuckle when I read a profile that says, “Who I’d Like to Meet:  God“, and yet their home page reeks of sinful indulgences.

Blaring rock music, lust-filled web design images, uncontrolled and innapropriate advertising banners, others listed as “friends” who boldly proclaim profanity, rebellion, and share stories of their latest sinful pleasures.

–And yet, they want to “meet God“?

I dare say they have not even begun to realize that the fulfillment of their wish might not be such a joyous occasion!

Why would God want to “hang” with pictures of drunken college kids who do little but lead others far from righteousness?  Why would God want to hear noise termed as “music” because that is what’s popular?  What would God say about the language that is being openly used and accepted as “cool”? Why is it that we’ve fooled ourselves into believing that it’s okay to overlook the obvious, all for the sake of fitting in? 

How would God react to these “adults”, who know better, and many of whom have professed a personal relationship with Him, when they are so weak in spirit and cannot resist the least temptation to participate with such evil?

They don’t want to meet God.  The one true God, that is. 

They meet their gods everyday, and enjoy the temporary pleasures of sin.  Their gods encourage them to stay away from what is right and good, and rejoice when another “little” step is taken further in the wrong direction.

Pretty soon, they are convinced that no harm can come from participating in unholy acts.  —Then…it becomes easier and easier and easier to ignore the wrong.  Eventually, the line is crossed, and there’s consequences too great to pay.

They don’t want to meet God. 


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Laughing 9.

More “wisdom” from the three year old…

Both of the boys were running through the house (again).  I called them to my room and decided to try and make them think:

Mom:     “I have asked you both to stop running through the house.  Two different times, I have asked you to stop!  You kept running, and now I’ve had to say it again.  What do YOU think I should do now?”

Three Year Old:  “Kill us?”


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Laughing 8.

Baseball….the universal language in America…

From the 3 year old to Daddy after getting in trouble: 

“I don’t wike you anymore…..I wike da Texas Wangers!”

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Only by Grace.

Please join me in welcoming friend and sister in Christ, Traci McPherson!  She has started a new blog over at Only by Grace (link on sidebar). 

One of the greatest Sunday School teachers my son has ever had, Traci is sure to bless us all with godly wisdom and insight to the scriptures.

Looking forward to more, Traci!  Welcome to “Blogdom” 🙂


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Our Daily Devotion.

Since we’ve been talking homeschool a while (it seems like that’s all I have time for anymore!), I thought I would share with you more of what goes on in Bible class.

We begin each morning with a “Quiet Time”.  I set the timer and the idea is that each of us spend time at the kitchen table in the Word of God until the bell rings.  We started out with a 2 minute quiet time, and have slowly graduated to 7 minutes. 

Sometimes, the time is not so quiet, or is filled with my “shshing” as the boys begin to talk or play.  Most of the time, however, they do stay quiet and engaged somewhat in their bible.  The three year old has a bible with lots of colorful pictures, so he flips the pages, guessing what the stories are about.  The five year old can recognize some words, so he circles the ones he can actually read.  I read as fast as I can knowing that this may be my only chance to soak up God’s instruction for the day!

When the time is over, we each take turns sharing “What God has showed us today”.  Continue reading


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Johnnie at Morsels from God has so graciously awarded me the “Nice Matters Award”!This award is given to those that are just nice people, good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! …Those that care about others, are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!

It doesn’t take me long to think of a few: 

Susan at Faithwalk

Cherie at Heart2Heart

Melissa at Servant2Servant

Dreama at Crazy at Cedar Creek

Dale at Riches and Grace

Rhonda at Rhonda’s Space

and to “Re-Award” Johnnie, I send it back to her!  Johnnie, you are always nice, and regularly use the simple Word of God to uplift and encourage your readers!  Thanks for spreading godly love through the Blogdom!

Now, for the rest of you “Nice” recipients…your job is to name 7 other bloggers!


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Schooling – Week #3

Bible/Character – Rule #2  is “We love, honor, and pray for one another”.  Rule #3 is “We tell the truth”.  Proverbs says that before honor comes humility.  Hmmmm….there’s probably a lesson in there for some of us adults!?

Language Arts – Completed letter “Nn”.  Writing our name in capital and lower case letters really well.  Doing very well with letter sounds, too. Since the start of school, we’ve read 18 books/stories for literature.  During coop today, the kindergartner participated in a writing class where he made an “All About Me” book. 

Math – Starting to move on to harder things.  We’ve mastered shape recognition (circle, triangle, rectangle, square), patterns, and now working on more and less than.  Continue reading


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