At School.

Whew!  We made it through the first day!

It all began at 7:00 (‘sh) when I forced myself to enter the world of “early risers”!  I showered, got dressed, and proceeded to push the boys out of bed.  The great part was that they were already excited and anxious to start their first day of school!

We had breakfast, and did some light chores.  Our newly designed “chore chart” in the dining room came in handy as smiley face and heart stickers were eagerly placed on the chart when their duties were complete.

Then came the scheduled classes:

Daily Classes/Curriculum

Bible – “A Faith to Grow On” by John MacArthur, also Prayer Journaling and the introduction of a Quiet Time each silently “reading” our bibles for a designated time period…(2 minutes today)  

Character – “The 21 Rules of This House” by Greg Harris and Building Christian Character Bulletin Board

Language Arts – “Sing, Spell, Read and Write”

Mathematics – Math K5 by Bob Jones University

Other Subjects Scheduled Once a Week

Music – Piano Lessons taught by me

Science – Plan to use various sources including Bob Jones textbook.  Also study of Creation, the solar system, earth sciences, and simple experiments.

Social Studies – Various sources teaching world map, continents, bodies of water, the United States map, and Texas map.  We will be beginning in space and “zooming” in on God’s creation nearest home, studying different places and people along the way. 

Art – Basic Color Wheel discoveries blending paint to make and memorize the different color mixtures.  We’ll be doing other crafts and creative projects using paint, markers, crayons, pencils, textures, clay, etc.  —Move over Van Gogh!

Drama/Speech – We will be studying various bible characters, creating costumes for each, and then recording a biographical speech as if it were made by the character.  

Technology – No problem there!  Both boys can already handle a computer better than alot of adults.  Still…we’ll learn the names of the different computer parts, as well as practice using software related to other subjects.

Foreign Language – Can you believe that this is on the TEKS recommendation for Kindergarteners?!  I’m still deciding between time spent with “Dora the Explorer” (Spanish) and learning some sign language!?  Lol 

Health/PE – Initial plans to cover these will be done at our coop group each week.  P.E. and Nutrition classes have already been planned.

Our big project will be to combine Bible, Art, and Drama into a Bible History Museum to be held at our house at the end of the year.  (Or at least, that’s the “plan”?!!….hahaha)  We will be studying men and women in the bible, then making costumes for each and recording a biographical speech on video.   In Art, we will also be making items such as clothing, instruments, tablets, and other items that recreate everyday life in the time of Jesus.  At the Bible History Museum, each of these items will be displayed with a written explanation of what they were used for in biblical times.  We’ll be serving refreshments, watching the biographical video, and invite you to attend!   

Ok….I know some of you experienced homeschool Moms are laughing right now!  I can hear you thinking..”She’ll learn!”  haha 

Well, maybe I will make changes to “The Plan”.  However, never having homeschooled before, this is what has surfaced in my quest to educate my children! 

For now, I have to be a lesson-planner.  I love lists.  Sticky notes are my favorite Christmas gift. 😉  So….for me, there has to be a plan!

Over zealousness with the subject planning for a Kindergartner, you say?  –Maybe?  Maybe not?  I decided to plan within the recommendations of the State of Texas Education Agency’s TEKS, and these were the subjects listed. 

So….this is “THE PLAN” (and worked quite well — for Day #1, if I do say so!!).  The boys really were excited and responded very well.  I’m already noticing the three year old soaking it all in so much so that I’m wondering if he’ll master the Kindergarten material right along with his brother.  I have included separate, easier subject material for him, but he seems to like the challenge of the harder lessons.   

I leave you now with a slide show of our classroom.  If you look closely, you will see that the three year old has designated tomorrow’s weather as “Snowy” in hopes that Santa will appear!

[rockyou id=82072626&w=400&h=300]


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12 responses to “At School.

  1. Kari

    Go super teacher Black!! Good luck this year; I’m sure you’ll do GREAT!! Sure looks like an A+ classroom to me!!

  2. I love your class!!! We started Monday also and have been watching “The Ten Commandments” during our bible study. Let’s see how excited Amanda still is by the end of the week, LOL!!! I know you will do a wonderful job with the kids!

  3. Julie

    Thanks Johnnie! How are you?

  4. Julie


    Day #2 was two hours longer than Day #1! I think I’ll grade today as a “B-“! Lol Also, do you have another e:mail address? I’ve tried to send several to you and they keep coming back as blocked. I’m guessing it’s got something to do with the ISD site?

    I’m missing your family 😦 How’s Julia?

  5. Julie

    That’s funny, Dreama! I, too, saw the excitement dwindle somewhat today when Craig realized that he had to do “real” work! (He had to write alot today) Nevertheless, the “Treasure Box” goodies helped to motivate him to finish!

    Re: The Ten Commandments movie….Is it true that they made the Parting Sea out of jello?!! I still love watching that movie 🙂

  6. Julie,

    This is great. Following the TEKS will definitely help the boys if they ever have to enroll in a Texas public school. Even if they don’t, when they get to college, knowing the Texas curriculum will be a great help.

  7. Kelly

    Wow Julie! I think I might have to send Timothy to your house for school. 🙂

  8. noahs mom

    OKay, that’s it. I’m sending my boys to your house for school. 🙂

    Our first day completely bombed. Yesterday was our second day and I declared it a “Mental Health Day” (for my own sake) and we just goofed around. Today, we have therapies all day in Dallas and tomorrow we’ll go to Canton Trade Days and learn the art of bargaining. Eli’s math lesson will be to see if he can scrounge up 4 quarters from under our couch cushions and 2 dollars from his grandpa once we get there. lol. Oh, and next week we’ll be coming to your house for school! haha

  9. It is so funny how each of my “students” / daughters is different. I have a whiteboard full of things that I expect to be memorized by weeks end. Today Laurel came up to me at the beginning of classtime and wanted me to test her. She had memorized everything by wed. morning!!!
    I have to force the other two to even look at the board!
    It is a joy to teach our children. Don’t get discouraged…each child has their own style and pace. Seek God for direction and STRENGTH. Teach on!

  10. Ps…I wanna know if you scheduled any blogging time into your new school schedule?

  11. Kari

    Maybe this e-mail will work….it’s Jeremy’s e-mail, but I will check it too!! Julia’s good…I’ll send you some pictures!!

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