Laughing 7.

I’ve been “babatized” again 😉

As we were swimming in the pool yesterday, my five year old suddenly gets the idea that he wanted to “babatize” me!   It went something like this:

Son:   “Mom, can I babatize you?”

Mom:  “Sure!”

(Son grabs my arm and asks)  “Are you ready to command Jesus?”

Mom:  “Um……….no?!”

Son:  “Ok, then….do you LOVE Jesus?”

Mom:  “Yes!”

Son:  “Do you have a bible?”

Mom:  “Yes”

Son:  “How many bibles do you have?”

Mom:  “Um……probably ten?”

Son (as he is dunking me under water):  “Then I command to babatize you.”


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10 responses to “Laughing 7.

  1. noahs mom

    Julie, your son is a hoot. Seriously. He’s cracks me up!! I’m sure there’s never a dull moment in your house. And just think… now that you’re homeschooling, you get to enjoy it every single second of the day… 24/7. lol. Aren’t we blessed?? 🙂

    See you tomorrow!


  2. how incredibly precious!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Melissa

    Wow. That is really funny! hope you are doing well, thanks for all the encouragement! I love yall!

  4. That’s pretty neat Julie. It’s funny to realize how kids percieve things.

  5. That’s my Craig. I’m glad he’s determined to make sure his family follows the “commands” of Jesus, or something like that anyway.

  6. what a cutie…isn’t it great to see them imitate the things of God…even in their playtime. The seeds are being planted…I await a great harvest!!!

  7. You know I always ask the same old questions when I baptize. I really like the way he mixes it up. Never thought of asking anyone that Bible question at baptism. Boy, wouldn’t that throw ’em off!?! ;).

    His methods must fall under that postmodernity description that Melissa was writing about in her blog. 🙂

  8. What a great story! I love it. 🙂

    Blessing to you Julie; now you know you are well covered having been babatized again! 😉

  9. that is exactly how I do it. Good job Craig.

  10. You’ve been tagged. Stop by my space to see the rules.

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