A Big “Woo-Hoo”!

Let’s all give our God a big “Woo-Hoo” for His awesome work in Liam’s life this week.  I just found out that he has gained five pounds in less than a week and is improving daily!

 Thank you all for your prayers and support for Liam’s family. 

God is good and gracious to hear our requests.  —- Wooooooo Hooooo!!!

 ***Updated:  Be sure to check the comments on this post and read what Liam’s Mom has to say!  (We love you Gretchen!)***


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5 responses to “A Big “Woo-Hoo”!

  1. Gretchen Samsel

    Hello and Thank You to One and All!

    I am Liam’s Mom – and proud of it!!! Thank you for all of your prayers. So often we pray for people and we never hear the history or the the wisdom that comes from the attack – for surely my brothers and sisters this was an attack.

    If I may, let me give you a little extra so you will have a greater understanding of all that your prayers were covering. When Liam was not yet 1 year old he had stomach cancer. He was born 10.2 pounds and never stopped growing until sometime between his sixth and ninth month, At his worst he was 34″ tall and weighed a whopping 17 pounds. All glory, honor and power go to our God, the One True God, who miraculously healed Liam, That’s about as short as I can make it but please know that for 3 months there was an endless cycle of searchig and testing to find out what was wrong.

    At one point I took the journey that Abraham took with Isaac and I gave Liam back to God. It was the hardest and one of the best moments on my travels with God. I have never been the same again as a parent.

    Fast forward to last week. My husband, Rob, has been called to be a licenced couselor and I have recently found my calling as a preacher/teacher. In that the week that Liam was attacked was a week in which my husband had finals and I had just completed my first training and had my first sermon outline due. Oh it surely was an attack!

    We woke on Sunday to see Liam look just as he did when he had cancer as a baby. Fear and disbelief struck our hearts and we were paralyzed in the spirit. Monday he looked worse and I weighed him only to find him 12 lighter for no reason what so ever all of which had been dropped in the previous 3-5 day period. He had no energy and any activity exhausted him to where all he did was rest on the sofa. Rob and I were both thinking but did not want to speak the word cancer but on Monday we did. We did it and it was out there. But guess what it was just there. That word had no power but not speaking it gave the word all of the power through fear. So the prayer requests went out and Liam went to the doctor, Our doctor was very concerned and said so honestly. Every test came back perfect. The only thing that showed was that he had been exposed to a virus at some time in his life and there was a small possibility that it had reactivated and could possibly be the culprit.

    All that being said here is what I know – the wisdom I have gained. So often we as Christian talk against fear but fear is a natural reaction. We must have it to have a healthy fear of God and all of His power and majesty. It is the choice we make after fear arises. Do we react to the fear or did we, as our biblical examples prove, stop, pray and then move? How can I expect God to miraculously move if I am so busy trying to take care of it myself that I forget to ask Him to handle it. He wants to be seen in this world so we have to move out of the way and let Him do His thing so that all may see Him in His glory.

    Liam has gained back 5 pounds in a week and he looks great. His strength is back 100%. No one can say what caused Liam to deteriorate so quickly but I can say who healed him. My God did this.

    In the end this had nothing to do with Liam, he was only the weaponry used to stun Rob and I into a spiritual coma. But Rob and I could hear the voice of God calling is out of the coma, but we had to make the choice to wake up. So I urge each of you, search your hearts and your minds for those things that may have you in a spiritual coma. Choose to wake up and, when you do, ask God to fight the battle for you.

    I hope and pray that each of you finds your life filled with the love and support with which you have blessed our family. Know that as you have stood in the gap for us we will surely stand in the gap for each of you. Should I never have the honor of meeting each of you I look forward to hearing your stories of faith as we spend eternity together in the presence of our Almighty King and Creator. The Lord of Hosts, God Almighty!

    Peace and Blessings to All.


  2. Woo Hoo! Thank you Gretchen for your comments…they are very encouraging. God bless you and your family.

  3. Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy Name!
    Our God is awesome, and we rejoice in His healing power, grace and love extended to little Liam!

  4. Gretchen, that is a very encouraging testimony of your faith. You and your husband have been called for His purpose and we pray to Him that He may continually give you the grace to carry on, to become an inspiration for many.

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