A Great day.

I had the blessing of having lunch with two wonderful ladies today.  These two elderly women have more energy and “spunk” that I think I will ever have!  They are active in their faith, and look forward to daily giving to others. 

Both widows and in their eighties, they call each other almost daily.  Laughing, and cutting up with each other, they share days together serving others.  They hand-make cards with scripture verses and deliver them to area hospitals where they are placed on patient food trays.  Once a week, they also volunteer at an area women’s shelter.

A recent phone conversation with one of them led to a discussion about the God inspired events happening at Oak Street.  Once I explained, there was no other option but to take them there so they could check it out! 

On the way, we picked up toilet paper and coffee.  Then, we picked up food donated by another lady at our church and took it all to the center.  One of these two ladies also brought some MRE’s (pre-packaged food usually provided for military men and women).  She had been praying that God would show her a place that could truly use them! 

It was so wonderful to see these ladies truly grasp ahold of the vision shared with them by the center’s director.  They are now so excited about the possibility of further support with this ministry.

God used His mighty hand to gently guide these two elderly women further into His service. 

And just think….I was there to see it! 

It’s been a great day!


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3 responses to “A Great day.

  1. Kim

    Hi Julie! I just wanted to thank you for the book regarding Harry Potter. I got it. I was so eager however, that I went out and had bought another Christian book about it also which Gary and I have already started reading. I still can’t believe that I was so fooled. We will then start on your book and I’ll get it back to you when we’re done.

    Dale keeps harassing me about being a one blogger bandit. I haven’t had time to really figure the site out but I’m going to try soon.

    Take care and God Bless ~ Kim

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to see the wisdom and joy in those that have experienced so much? Our bodies may fade over time, but those that grow old in the Lord just get sweeter and sweeter, and it seems that the things of God do the same to them and for them. Then, those of us that are not quite as seasoned get the blessedness of watching it all happen.

    Kim – I’m watching you, Bandit!

  3. Julie

    Hi Kim!

    It was great to hear from you. Keep the book as long as you want. I’m glad you’re hearing the view of Harry Potter from a Christian stance….pretty crazy, huh?

    Looking forward to your next post 😉


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