3 Cups of Vile Coffee and a Big Slice of Humble Pie.


Coffee and dessert anyone?   I’m  having mine….

“Overcoming My Attitude” is the discussion round the kitchen table today, where I have finished reading the book of Job.

First of all my attitude about making coffee:

It dawned on me lately that I get up every morning, make six cups of coffee, and only drink three.  (Actually I only drink ONE cup, but I guess my cup is bigger than the standards the coffee maker considered when labeling the pot.) 

What really stuck out to me is that the other “three” (aka “one”) cups of coffee are wasted.  I end up throwing out the leftovers and do it all again the next day!

With the price of coffee being so high, and wanting to be a good steward of God’s money, I make a new commitment to learn how to make only “three” cups of coffee at a time 😉

The second part of my attitude that needs some care:

Wow…God is so good to point out my failures through scripture.  On a previous post, I said that I often wondered if it was okay to question God?  I said that I wanted to obey without questions, but that it is hard to do sometimes.

Scripture, through the touching of the Holy Spirit’s guidance, very plainly pointed out my sinful state today.  — God enters the picture, and sets Job straight. 

If we are to question God, then we should be able to also answer the myriad of questions that only a person having rights to question can answer.  (A thought-filled sentence, huh?) 

…the RIGHT to question?  Who does that belong to? 

Very Clearly…….only to God.

We think that in our smallest of minds, we have the right to understand all.  I constantly find myself wanting to make “sense” of life.  If something doesn’t appear “right”, I look for something that just makes “sense” to me. 

Unfortunately, like Job, I failed to understand that the ways of God are sometimes not understandable.  Job says in chapter 42,

“…I have uttered what I did not understand, Things too wonderful for me, which I did not know.” 

Backing up to chapter 40, the realization of his error leaves Job no other words to say, except:

“Behold, I am vile…I lay my hand over my mouth.”

So…I cannot answer the questions God asks in chapters 38-41.  I was not around when the foundations of the earth were laid.  I have never commanded the morning, the night, the stars, the winds, the oceans, or the animals.  I cannot comprehend the breadth of the earth.  I didn’t even know there was a “treasury” of snow and another one for hail (ch.38,v22).  Many, many times I am not wise nor full of understanding, therefore, I am not able to give wisdom to some, and deprive it from others (like an ostrich).  (ch 39,v13-18). 

God, in the wisdom only He can understand, knows all.  He is the SOLE source of the answers to these questions….and to my question about my son.  I am vile, and repentful for the questioning I have done during the last few days.

My “humble pie” is being chewed with a hand over my mouth now, and ears open to hear the grace of God say, “I forgive you”. 





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13 responses to “3 Cups of Vile Coffee and a Big Slice of Humble Pie.

  1. I have started this comment over three times because I too am guilty. My mind races, but I am left not knowing just what to say. The only word that seems fitting so far is, guilty. Forgive me, Lord.

  2. we’re all a bunch of vilest offenders… but you know what the song says about that… (tell me, because the tune is bouncing around in my head, but I can’t conjure up all the words)

    “He hideth my soul in the cleft of the Rock….

  3. A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord,
    A wonderful Savior to me.
    He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock,
    and rivers of pleasure I see.

    A wodnerful Savior is Jesus my Lord,
    He taketh my burden away.
    He holdeth me up and I shall not be moved,
    He giveth me strength as my day.

    With numberless blessings each moment he crowns,
    And filled with His fullness divine,
    I sing in my rapture, O glory to God,
    For such a Redeemer as mine.

    When clothed in His brightness, transported I rise,
    to meet Him in clouds of the sky.
    His perfect salvation, His wonderful love,
    I’ll shout with the millions on high.

    He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock,
    that shadows a dry thirsty land.
    He hideth my life in the depths of His love,
    and covers me there with His hand . . .
    and covers me there with His hand.

    I’m wondering though, if you’re thinking of There is a Fountain.
    The second verse:

    The dying thief rejoiced to see that fountain in his day
    And there my I, though vile as he wash all my sins away.

    Do you think that some of these hymn writers were feeling the same thing we’ve been talking about when they penned words like these?

  4. That fact that the first thing that came to your mind is that you waste coffee (wow) puts you on such a higher plane than the one that find myself on.
    Not to make light of you faults…but Lord help me !

    I wish that I were to that point in my life where I was concerned over the stewardship of my coffee…but alas..I really stink on such a deeper level… like screaming at my kids, answering my husband disrespectfully, mismanaging the tremendous financial blessing we have been entrusted, staying up til 2 and sleeping til 10. This week alone, I did not followed the God’s prompting to cook dinner for my neighbor…or to get over and mow an elderly womans yard., or to visit that new lady in Cherokee Shores that broke down last Sat. and gave her heart to Christ. I did not have the right attitude going into to worship last Sun. I got terribly discouraged when I invited every one of my neighbors to lifegroup at my house, and not a one showed. I got mad for not being able to be a reaper of souls. ( maybe if I had mowed and cooked they would have come???…yeah , I thought about that one too.) All that in 7 days!( oh yeah…and I too have questioned God.) This is all just off the top of my head. If the truth of my sin where to be made known to me; I imagine the grief of it would be more than I could bear.
    I have prayed for forgiveness…but please help me to pray for my change!!!!
    Whew…I’m so glad that we can be real with eachother. There is such healing in confessing to one another…cause I know that we are all interceding for one another.
    Julie…do not be embarrassed about your doubting or questioning God. We do not think less of you. We only pray for your peace (you know, the one that passes all understanding).
    We are glad that you feel comfortable enough to be real with us. We love you and pray on your behalf.
    Thanks for being a friend and a light!
    Ps…I think that you should save some of that humble pie to share with your friends:) We can each eat a slice!

  5. Julie

    Rhonda and Dale,

    It also reminds me of “Yes, I Know!” by Mrs. Anna W. Waterman
    Here’s the story about it:

    From a home with one bro­ther and one sis­ter, Charles Wa­ter­man’s urge was to see the coun­try. This took him to hitch­hik­ing on the rail­road to Cal­i­for­nia. He was in­flu­enced by the world­ly crowd and gave him­self to be­come an al­co­hol­ic. Ev­en as such, he worked his way up to become an en­gin­eer on the steam lo­co­mo­tive. He mar­ried Anna, who had a Christ­ian back­ground and did what she could to keep the tes­ti­mo­ny be­fore him.

    Anna was dis­cour­aged at the path her hus­band fol­lowed be­cause it was caus­ing him to miss work on some of his hang­o­vers. So she asked a la­dy in her town in Cal­i­for­nia to meet with her and help her pray for Charles to be saved. His wild life went on for three or more years and one night he became fright­ened while un­der the in­flu­ence and when he fin­al­ly ar­rived at home, he told An­na he want­ed to be saved. She im­me­di­ate­ly called her friend who came over to their home and they led him to the Lord. He begged the Lord for for­give­ness and to clean up his life, which the Lord did.

    The hap­pi­ness that fol­lowed caused An­na to write this song. A book with over 30 other songs was col­lect­ed and pub­lished.
    They vis­it­ed in Lo­di, Fount­ain Coun­ty, In­di­a­na, and at the Bap­tist Church, la­ter named Wa­ter­man Bap­tist Church.

    The Verses:
    Come ye sinners lost and hopeless
    Jesus’ blood can make you free
    For He saved the worst among you
    When He saved a wretch like me

    To the faint He giveth power
    Thro’ the mountains makes a way
    Findeth water in the desert
    Turns the night to golden day

    In temptation He is near thee
    Holds the pow’rs of hell at bay
    Guides you to the path of safety
    Gives you grace for everyday

    He will keep thee while the ages
    Roll thro’out eternity
    Tho’ earth hinders and hell rages
    All must work for good to thee

    The Chorus:
    And I know, yes I know,
    Jesus’ blood can make the vilest sinner clean
    And I know, yes I know,
    Jesus’ blood can make the vilest sinner clean

  6. Julie

    Cherie – The coffee came to my mind first, I guess, because it was the first thing I did this morning to try and wake up 😉 My list of failures certainly compares with yours, I assure you!

    I think that it is so neat how God uses our blogs to open our minds and hearts. I never intended this post to cause any of you to make confessions….just to point out my own. Yet, here everyone is commenting on the work of the Holy Spirit upon their conscience. –Such a testimony that God knows us all and is still merciful. I would have never guessed you yelled at your kids! I thought only I did that 😉

    Oh, and while we’re confessing, did I mention the fact that my anger once prompted me to slam the dryer door (and break it of course)!? And…there’s the hole in the bedroom door (done on accident, but while I was angry), and the time I unintentionally embarrassed my daughter in front of her previous boyfriends, and don’t get me talkin’ about the “submissive” word….

    I especially like your comment, “If the truth of my sin where to be made known to me; I imagine the grief of it would be more than I could bear.” That is so true for all of us. Praise God that He sees Jesus Christ when He looks our direction!!

  7. “the vilest offender who truly believes…that moment from Jesus a pardon receives” there must be another verse.

  8. Okay, now I know which one you’re thinking about –

    To God be the Glory

    To God be the glory, great things He hath done,
    So loved He the world that he gave us HIs Son.
    Who yielded His life an atonement for sin,
    And opened the life gate that all may go in.

    O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood,
    To every believer the promise of God.
    The vilest offender who truly believes,
    That moment from Jesus a pardon receives.

    Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord,
    Let the earth hear His voice.
    Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord,
    Let the people rejoice.
    O come to the Father through Jesus the Son,
    And give Him the glory, great things He has done.

  9. Yes! I finally thought of it too, and came back to clear up the matter… but you beat me to it. Well , we got some good worship through music through all of this!

  10. Hey, you know what they say about great minds, right? Maybe you can share that with me tomorrow. And yes, it was good to roam the annals of the old song library and sing them over and over in my head.

  11. Julie…I so can’t imagine you breaking the dryer door!…Lol

  12. Hmmm……
    You guys are so far into this stuff. I feel so vile just reading this.
    The Lord is convicting me. 😦
    Lord help me remove the plank from my eyes……… 😦
    God bless you all.
    Bert Graef
    Winnipeg Canada

  13. Julie

    Hi Bert!

    …and welcome to “God Is…”! I’m glad you stopped by.

    Sorry if this post made you feel bad 😉 I really did mean it just to air my own confessions!

    God is glorious, though, and uses one thing to reach so many people. I’m glad that He touched you with the words of this post.

    Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord,


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